Replaced Wrench Icon Google Chrome Setting Explained in Detail

Wrench Icon in Google Chrome is gone! Did you notice it! The default way of changing settings and accessing extensions was using the wrench icon in Chrome browser. It used to be present on the far right hand side to the address bar. Now it’s been replaced with 3 lines stacked upon each other which is

Problems and Solutions related to Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome is a fast and secure browser. But the meaning of Google Chrome Icon varies if you search the web. The top search results in Google for Chrome icon not showing show the information for favicons missing. Well, I was thinking of the browser’s icon as such. What are we going to see in

How to Use Google Drive Client ? Settings / Preferences Explained

Google and Microsoft have released their versions of online cloud storage solutions, very recently. In the earlier post, I couldn’t update on Google Drive client as I’ve not received the download link at the time of writing. Recently, I downloaded the client for Google Drive and installed it successfully. The installation process is simple and