Working Fix to Solve Google Chrome high CPU usage in Windows 10

After the 1809 update of Windows 10 also, Google Chrome continues to use high CPU resources. The latest 64 bit version is 70.0.3538.67 which is the official build. You may expect that, looking into the Task Manager would give you an idea of how much CPU percentage Chrome is using. But after 1809 update of

How to Fix “Imap Gmail Com :993:1” error in Windows 10 or 8.1 phone?

Do you own a Windows Phone like Lumia 520? And, before that you might have had an Samsung Android phone. Now, you try to sync contacts, calendars and documents from Android phone to your Windows mobile! During this process you get “imap gmail com :993:1” error and the sync process stops. How do you fix

How to Auto-Delete Email After Time in Gmail using Google Script?

Gmail is an all-in-one email service with many options and features. The filter function is useful if you want to prevent clutter of emails filling your inbox. Normally this is resourceful to label certain messages from a sender or to a receipient. But today we are going to use the same concept to auto-delete emails

How To Survive Google EMD Update for a Novice?

In the past 2 years, Google released many algorithmic changes like Panda, Penguin etc which have re-defined SEO strategies. In its quest for quality it has released a minor weather update in the form of EMD in late September. This change is going to penalize the low-quality exact match domains which is nothing but EMD

How to Change Your Name in Google Accounts?

If you observe my name in Google Search Results, you find my name in lowercase. But to my surprise I find all the other names that utilize Google Authorship tool have their name in lower and uppercase. Well, I too didn’t like my name being displayed in lowercase completely. So I went about searching the