How to Get YouTube Premium Free Trial of 3 Months using Google One

YouTube Premium is a subscription based service. Free trial of 3 months can be got by joining Google One in India. This is a double benefit. By spending Rs 130 for the first month, you get 100GB of cloud storage and also 3 months free trial of YouTube Music and Premium. Ads are the most

7 Security Warnings on the Google Account Settings Page – Complete Review

To make your Google account more secure, the search engine giant provides some good security practices and recommendations. If you have been using Gmail, then you must have created a password to protect it. This is the first line of defense against intruders and hackers. With the increase in technology, the number of devices also

5 Ways to Secure your Google Account – Addition to Password Protection

Google account is created with any of your email accounts. It has various purposes. You can use it with multiple Google products like Gmail, Google Ads, Google Adsense, YouTube etc. To secure your Google Account, you enter an username and password every time you login. This is the basic level of encryption. If somebody knows

Chrome Disable Tab Groups – Android and Windows 10

To disable tab groups on Chrome in Android, you have to turn off a few flags. Open chrome://flags in the address bar and select “Disabled” below Tab Groups option. This feature allows users to manage the number of tabs on mobile. Update – 06-19-2021 As per the latest version of Chrome 91, it is almost

Fix : Images Not Downloading in Google App in Android

For every Android phone, Google App comes preinstalled. You can use voice search to find images and other information. As you know Google changed the way it displays images in search. You cannot directly download the pictures, jpg, png, gif to your local storage location. One has to click the website where the image is

How To Transfer Files from OneDrive to Google Drive – 4 Methods

To migrate OneDrive to Google Drive, different tools are available. Google Drive and OneDrive are two online storage services which have free MB plans with their standard packages. Each cloud drive comes with its own unique advantage. But both come from different companies. Migration can be done manually and also using cloud transfer service tools.