Sounds and Video are the interesting elements of a human feeling, by which one acquaints with the surroundings. Computers are loaded with these fascinating controls to let you get the same perception of the real world. If you are a Windows 7 user, there are many applications like browsers, audio players, video players etc using [...]

You may often find to your advantage to tweak your Windows 7 Power options like display, sleep and power buttons, so that it suits your working habits and power savings mode. The display setting can be used to turn off the monitor after a pre-defined set of minutes, so that power is saved when the [...]

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to prevent standard users i.e users other than administrators from shutting down or restarting the Windows computer. You can easily create a separate Group Policy object for non-administrators to successfully complete this task. This can be easily accomplished on Windows 7 PC. In order to do it, type mmc in [...]

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