PC using Windows 10 will still have problems, even in 2017. Privacy issues, optimization problems, registry glitches, features not working etc are some of them. Fixing each of them separately will take toll on time and resources. Side-effects can happen when you do registry tweaks and fixes. Simple things are easy to say than done. Unauthorized [...]

The best download manager can do parallel downloads, optimize internet speed, pause and resume downloads, support popular browsers, take over the download, customize browser integration, schedule downloads etc. IDM is one of the fastest download manager. It can always make use of the internet bandwidth in an optimal way. There are other download managers for [...]

Download managers have wide applications like downloading YouTube videos and optimizing bandwidth speeds. In this Internet Download Manager review of 2019 (IDM) we can see different features, settings and options available. IDM download and install can be done easily like any other app in Windows 10. This can be very useful if you want to [...]

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