The best cloud storage plans in 2019 have different features. When you have lot of photos, videos, images, data files and documents on your computer, storage becomes a problem. Though you can save them on the hard-drive and external storage, you need to access them on-the-go. When you are at home it is easy to [...]

PC using Windows 10 will still have problems, even in 2017. Privacy issues, optimization problems, registry glitches, features not working etc are some of them. Fixing each of them separately will take toll on time and resources. Side-effects can happen when you do registry tweaks and fixes. Simple things are easy to say than done. Unauthorized [...]

Before we improve the performance of a Windows 8 PC, its important that you check its boot times. Simple things come first. Microsoft has made prominent changes to start up in the Metro OS. Vista and Windows 7 users must be terribly tired of the slow boot times, which could give you a lot of [...]

In every nook and corner of the world, Internet users are opening up websites for various reasons. They can be social networking, discussion forums, blogging, e-commerce and business reasons. You have different domain registry services like GoDaddy,, etc who are accredited ICANN registrars, who register your .com,.net,.org etc domains for $10 less or [...]

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