Office 2013

Whenever changes occur in Microsoft Office suite, there is always some rumbling about it. Office 2013 which was released in January, had significant improvements than its older versions of 2010 and 2007. Some Office 2013 changes are however annoying like starting, opening and saving documents in Word 2013, all CAPS look for menus, licensing annoyances etc. [...]

We have already seen Windows 8 upgrade for 15 dollars and here comes another best offer from Microsoft. What’s the deal! If you buy Office 2010 for Windows or 2011 for Mac between October 19, 2012, and April 30, 2013, you are entitled for a free office 2013 upgrade. How do you Get It? The [...]

The new Office 2013 with its myriad of features is making news among the cloud service customers. After all, Microsoft is one big giant company which watches every move of all new technology trends and patiently puts those tweaks in its armory of Office suites. It has done a similar move after watching iCloud and [...]

Office 2013 proposes to have many new interesting features, with Windows 8 release date coming soon. The most profitable component of Office for Microsoft has been Excel. Now using Office Excel 2013 new features you can find new ways to visualize, analyze and display results with a single click and explore data more intuitively. You [...]

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