Easy Answers to FAQ of Truecaller Premium – Advantages

Advantages Of Truecaller Premium

Truecaller Premium Features are many. The free version itself will identify the caller id. But what about fake calls, marketing calls, network calls and spam callers disturbing you in the middle of important work. Also, when you use the free version, lot of ads are displayed. The benefits of truecaller premium can be seen on

Microsoft Family Safety for Android – Review of Parent and Kid’s Settings

To track kid’s activity and location, Microsoft Family Safety app gives you the controls. In Oct 2020, it has some premium features with Office 365 subscription. This parental control app competes with other apps on Android. Microsoft Account is used to create child accounts. One of the member will be the parent or organizer of

How to Uninstall System Apps and Bloatware in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – MIUI 11

How to uninstall pre-installed apps in Redmi Note 4? Apps that are bundled with your smartphone are called system apps. To remove bloatware MIUI 11, you can’t do it directly using system settings. They include Mi Browser, Quick Apps, Get Apps, Xiaomi Cloud, Calendar, Security, Camera, Gallery, Music, Feedback, File Explorer, FM Radio, Recorder, Mi

How to Clear Cache in Redmi Note 4 on MIUI 11.0.2

As you use different apps on your mobile phone, its cache size increases. Internet usage is part of all app functions. This will also cause your cache memory to become full. Since Redmi Note 4 phones have limited storage capacity, large cache files can slow your mobile.  Each app will have its own cache storage.

Top 5 Microsoft Apps for Android under Productivity Category

Microsoft started developing apps from Windows 8.1 to 10. But the Store apps did not pick up the trend as estimated. Microsoft changed it’s business strategy from developing apps for it’s Windows 10 to Android. The same productivity applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Note etc are now available  on Android also. This paradigm shift from

How to Block Ads in System Apps of Redmi MIUI 10

Xiaomi like any other smartphone brand has pre-built apps like Security, Mi Video, Mi Cloud, Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi Credit etc. Redmi Note 4 also has many of these apps. MIUI 10 is the latest version of the user interface framework sitting on the top of Android OS. Though MIUI system is used to

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