CCleaner Professional Review – What’s new in 5.85 and Features

Do you want to be safe from cookie trackers and malicious files? Windows has the notoriety of increasing spam and junk files with the usage of pc! It all adds up to the storage, and sometimes hackers use these files to penetrate the system and important files.  CCleaner Professional is a tune-up and optimization software

How to Disable Searching Windows Update for Device Drivers in Windows 7 and 10

Windows 7 and 10 are different on installing drivers. Bluetooth adapters need to establish their drivers based on laptop and computer models. Acer will have different drivers compared to DELL, HP, and Samsung.  Microsoft Generic Drivers Windows can install Microsoft generic drivers for Windows. Also Read – CCleaner – The Best Driver Update Utility for

Fix Bluetooth not detecting devices Windows 10

Bluetooth devices are still in demand in 2021. If Windows 10 bluetooth not working, then it can be pairing issue, connectivity problem, drivers, update or any other reason. Many earphones, speakers, headphones, soundboxes, network connectivity, and smart-tvs still rely on this technology.  If Bluetooth is paired but not connected, it could be a driver problem

How to Send Files via Bluetooth between Windows 10 and Android

To do Bluetooth file transfer from Windows to Android, you need to pair both devices. Turn on the Bluetooth option in Windows 10 settings.  What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a short distance wireless technology to replace the wired connections between mobile and fixed devices. Also Read – Earlier, to transfer any data between devices,

How to Remove Malware and Ransomware from Windows 10 – Real-Time Protection

In 2021, the malware removal tool is a necessity to protect your computer. Windows Security Center in Windows 10 does the primary job against viruses.  Long-lasting privacy protection tools like Malwarebytes can only save super antimalware. A single pc security tool required to defeat all kinds of threats. Malwarebytes does the job of destroying Ransomware,

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