brand started in 2010. Initially on the blogger platform and then to and Advertising with The Microsoft and Technology Solutions is a great way of displaying your product or marketing messages to world-wide visitors of software-related buyers who visit our website each day. Specifically, the website is targeted at the Microsoft, Mobile and Technology user niche.

WindowsTechIt Reviews section accepts paid or sponsored posts and reviews. is an authority Tech Blog with a focus on the Tech, Windows operating system and the Microsoft ecosystem in general.

The site gets over 50 thousand page views every month, with 70% of the visitors being from the US, UK, CAN, AUS.

Guidelines for Writer:

Just like a recommendation of an influencer, guest post works for business!

Today, If you want to rank any website on Google, you can’t deny the fact that you will need quality content or in other words, the article that actually impacts the viewers or the article that is delivering success in solving the problems of our readers.

Delivering a message with clarity is a key to a successful blog. And to create a masterpiece, here is something you must work on:

Check the following conditions

  1. Only Tech and Microsoft content allowed.
  2. At least 3 images and 1 video are preferable.
  3. No sponsored or guest post tag.
  4. No spam content .
  5. 100% copyscape free and not published anywhere.
  6. Internal links will be included.
  7. Post will NOT be published on the home page. But in a separate category. 
  8. All terms are as per disclaimer and other policy pages of the site.
  9. Casino, essay content will be reviewed and then accepted.

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Start Researching About Topic

As you want a sponsored post on WindowsTechIt, you must check that the article you are going to write about is already available on the website or not?

Topics to Write On:

Before writing, please have a look on our website. WindowsTechIt is having more than 500 articles on the website covering everything. It’s one of the old-edition user approved website so there is no such issue of the content but what matters a lot is “Quality of your content”.

Guidelines for Sponsored Posts on WTI

Sponsored or Guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links. This includes links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

Our guidelines for sponsored posts are as follows:

  1. The post maybe 500-1000 words normally and written in good English
  2. The posts may include one backlink to your target domain.
  3. We may make minor changes to the posts, keeping our posting and SEO guidelines in mind
  4. Negative or harsh comments about the competition will be disallowed
  5. No refunds will be given after a post is published and goes live.
  6. Topics Related to “How to, Internet & computer, Windows, Mobile”.
  7. Anything related to tech – doesn’t matter if it’s Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Bigdata, Internet of Things”
  8. For pricing, other topics and other details, you may contact us at mail at windowstechit dot com. (Palla Sridhar & Ganapathi)

Do you accept paid sponsored posts?

We have 6,00,000 users from the Google organic search in the last year . And offering sponsored guest posts to our readers.


In case you find any other topic on which we should write, you can advise us along with the piece of content you want to publish.

Our website has high authority according to 

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Pricing of the Guest post depends on “Whether the content is valuable or not?” “Is it with the complete throughout information or not?” “Is it a solving problem or is it just for marketing”.

It’s better if you send us your article directly for the review purpose. If we liked your article, then we will publish your article.

SEMRUSH authority score is another great indicator of the authenticity of the website. Also, it gives the number of backlinks and referring domains. Both have high authority for this site.

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SEMRUSH Authority Score of WTI

Alexa also provides ranking of websites compared to throughout the world. It gives ranking per USA, UK etc and other countries.

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