Overtime, your Windows 7 is clogged with unnecessary files and registry entries which can slowdown your computer to some extent.

One of the common ways to boost performance is by using “CCleaner”, which empties many junk files, recycle bin, temporary internet files, history, cookies, Index.dat files, memory dumps, windows log files, clipboard data, thumbnail cache, internet cache etc.

It also cleans several junk data created by applications like Adobe, GIMP, Office 2010, FeedDemon, FileZilla, Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, WinRAR, MS Paint, MS Search and keeps Windows 7 clean.

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It also has a good Registry Cleaner which scans the Windows registry for Missing Shared DLLs, Unused File extensions, Active X and Class Issues, Fonts, Application Paths, MUI Cache, Windows Services and optimizes it for better PC performance.

The main advantage of CCleaner is that you don’t have to toggle with its settings and neither-expert-knowledge of its operation is necessary. All you’ve to do is click on the “Analyze” button and after the scan is over, click on “Run Cleaner”. Once this is done, the system is as good as its brand new.

Another important fact I like about this software is that, this  proud cleaning tool doesn’t erase any unnecessary files or disrupt any services, which may result in malfunction of your Windows 7 PC.

The other day, I downloaded a tool called “Auslogics BoostSpeed” which was a giveaway software. But lately I recognized that this tool was not as sophisticated as “CCleaner. Though from ease-of-use perspective, it seemed simple, but it deleted my Office 2010 installation files and caused severe headache to my existing PC problems. So be beware of bad effects of “Auslogics BoostSpeed” and its functions. I’d like to give it a negative review.

I ask my readers to check any software online for its review and comments before you apply on your PC.

Cloud System Booster and its Review

Today we’re going to talk about a cloud based system cleaner, windows system optimizer, repair and application productivity enhancer, registry cleaner which perfectly boosts your Windows 7 performance just like “CCleaner”.

Download Cloud System Booster

Cloud System Booster is a freeware cloud app for cleaning and optimizing your PC, just with a single-click of button. Its a advanced system maintenance & optimization technique based tool which has its theory behind cloud technology and online databases. The tool comes from Anvisoft and can fix upto 1158 types of PC problems to this date. The latest online database version is 1.0.2 and it solved about 9000+ problems on my PC.

The operation of this tool is very easy. Just click the “Boost” button after installation and running the software. There are basically 4 modes of operation on which it operates.

  • Cleaner
  • Optimizer
  • Repair
  • Application

Each one has its own settings, which you don’t have to change anything for normal operation. For better productivity, you have an “Expert” mode in addition to the default “Home” mode. In Expert mode too, you’ve the same basic mode of operations as above.


The Application can clean up your PC and free up disk space by cleaning unwanted system files, cleaning registry, Internet Explorer, Web History, Menu History, History of other software, other Cache, recent playlists in Media Player etc. It can optimize PC performance and speed up PC by doing optimization of system services, startup speed, resource management, network, memory etc. It fixes PC problems and gives a new PC feeling by repairing registry errors. It can also clean junks created by apps, free up disk space and speed up PC performance.

You can also change background of the software and settings.


Using any of these tools (CCleaner or Cloud System Booster) you can really improve your PC performance and make your Windows 7 system work like a brand new system. There are also no side effects for Cloud System Booster as I’ve observed till now. If you find any problems please let me know in the comments section.

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