How to Use Google Drive Client ? Settings / Preferences Explained

Google and Microsoft have released their versions of online cloud storage solutions, very recently. In the earlier post, I couldn’t update on Google Drive client as I’ve not received the download link at the time of writing. Recently, I downloaded the client for Google Drive and installed it successfully. The installation process is simple and intuitive.

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After installation, there’ll be a folder named “Google Drive” under the Favorites column.


Once you’re connected to the internet, the folder is automatically synchronized with online cloud storage. There’ll also be a small “triangle” icon in the system tray symbolizing the Google Drive.


Right click the “triangle” icon to see the different settings for Google Drive client.


Google Drive Client Settings Explained

The following settings will be displayed:


1. Pause : This’ll pause your current synchronization of your Google Drive folder with your online storage.

2. Open Google Drive folder: This’ll open the Google Drive folder on your computer/pc/laptop.

3. Visit your Google Drive on the web: This’ll take you to the online account of your Google Drive. You can cross check here, if all your folders/files on your offline storage (i.e desktop/pc/laptop) are in sync.


4. View items shared with me : This’ll display all the Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, Folder etc that are share with your Google Account. Normally, this’ll display all the Google docs and folders that are shared with your Google Account.

5. But more storage : This’ll open a web page taking you to the “buy me” page for more online cloud storage. As you can see below, you can upgrade your “Free” storage of 5GB to 25 GB, 100 GB and even 16 TB. The prices are as listed in the figure.

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6. Preferences :


In this pop-up window, you can disconnect your present account, buy more storage etc. You can also sync only some folders to this computer. You can enable offline viewing, by which you can access Google Drive even when you’re not connected to the internet. The process of setting up offline access is listed on the web page of Google. Here, you can also choose, whether to start Google Drive automatically when you start the computer or not.

7. Help : This’ll take to the help page on Google Drive on the web.

8. About : This’ll list the Google Drive version you’re presently using.


As a bottom line, you can try “Google Drive” to sync up important folders/files on your computer/pc/laptop and use as a backup and cloud storage solution.

7 thoughts on “How to Use Google Drive Client ? Settings / Preferences Explained”

  1. Non of this happens when I click either the drive or icon triangle. All it does is open the ap or drive. I can get settings but no preferences! This is the newest version. How to solve please?

  2. My google drive preferences found google drive icon in the system Tray is get disabled? How do i get back enabled?

  3. Thank you, I couldn’t figure out how to access the Google drive settings and Google’s help was useless. I never thought to look in the system tray!


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