Windows 7 Theme Manager : Review/Cons/Scam/Disadvantages

If you’re like me searching for an alternative to the default Windows 7 theme manager, I think it’s better to stay with the existing one. I tried installing a Windows 7 theme manager to manage my third-party themes, after I casually followed this article from NirmalTv. After reading this post, I got very excited just like natural Windows 7 theme lovers as it had many things to offer. It offered one-click themes install, save time, easy access to hundreds of professional quality themes, changing theme in 1-click, delete themes in 2-easy clicks etc.


Cons of Windows 7 Theme Manager

But once I downloaded the software and installed it, I saw the backside of it. It just installed fine, but I had to wait for the Windows 7 theme manager to download all the promised themes, forever and ever. I have a 1 Mbps internet connection at night, but still the theme manager would not download any themes. So after waiting for 1/2 hour or so, I could see only the categories. I was really baffled as I spent so much time reading the article and also the source, to receive a dumb software. I always disliked theme apps for Windows 7, just for the reason, they may contain virus, malware, trojans etc. Luckily I was able to uninstall this software easily.

So after this experience, I advise my readers to be cautious before downloading any third-party theme managers and google for theme manager reviews, before installing them and don’t waste valuable time. The default Windows 7 theme manager is good and even though it may take more clicks, it’s better to use the default one.

If you think, that I may be wrong, you can download the Windows 7 Theme Manager from the following link below and test it for your self.

Download Windows 7 Theme Manager

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