Customize the Ribbon Icons in Windows 8 Explorer

With Windows 8 release date rumors galore, the development of Microsoft’s latest OS is gaining speed. Already, many have downloaded the Consumer Preview and are tasting the new features of this “tablet” oriented operating system. One of the new features is the “Ribbon Explorer”.

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From Office 2007 onwards this easy intuitive interface has been geared up and pushed towards excellence.  With Windows 8, this “Ribbon” interface is taken altogether to a new level. We’ve seen this new UI in Paint and other such tools in Windows 7 and now we see it in Windows 8 Explorer.

The “Ribbon” makes it easy to access different options and functions of Windows 8 Explorer. By default, the “Ribbon” is in minimized state and can be accessed easily using the down arrow icon present on the upper right hand side of explorer window.

Now different icons are present for different functionality on the ribbon.

Windows 8 Ribbon Explorer

Ribbon Icons Customizer is a software tool which tweaks the default icons of Windows 8 Explorer and customizes according to your taste.

This tweak software is able to change icons of copy, paste, cut, paste shortcut, move to, copy to, delete, recycle bin, recycle , permanently delete, zip, burn to disc, print, navigation pane, preview pane, invert selection, email, rename and new folder command icons present under Home, Share and View tabs.

Download Ribbon Icons Customizer

You can also use this tool to change Explorer File Menu icons and even restore the changed icons to old ones and vice versa.

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What it means is, if you have changed the default icon of Paste to the customized or new version you can get it back what it was. In simple terms you can get the back the “Original” Windows 8 Explorer right as it is.

Ribbon Icons Customizer

Warning: Please make a system restore point before you make any changes to your Windows 8 OS

How to execute Ribbon Icons Customizer ?

In the zip file that is downloaded from the above source, you also get Resources.reg (a script file which makes changes to the Windows registry). Run this script, before running the actual tool. Don’t Worry!

This is neither a virus nor a malware! This script just takes the ownership of some registry files, that’s all! Run the Ribbon Icons Customizer as an administrator.

How to Customize the Ribbon Icons?

Click the desired button (as show in the above screenshot) and browse to the default icon (.ico format) file. Now select the icon you wish to use instead of the default icon and click the Open button, to change the default icon with the customized icon.

You will see, “Successfully changed” message, once this process is complete. You can try any icons, but recommends the Windows Phone Style icons. Don’t mistake this tool as icon pack installer and only changes the Ribbon icons of Windows 8 Explorer instead of the whole icons set of the OS.

Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Icons customized

Customize the Ribbon Icons in Windows 8 Explorer
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