Remove/Delete “Libraries” from your Windows 7 Explorer : Registry Hack

One of the new features of Windows 7 is the Libraries feature. This sits as a navigation tool in the left pane of your Windows 7 Explorer. From here you can include your common folders in the categories under Libraries.

But the problem is this feature sits on top of the “Computer” where you have your default drives. So as the list of categories under Libraries grows to take more space, the “Computer” option goes down and down, making the visibility of drives almost a nightmare. Just before you read next line, take a look on how to increase internet explorer download limit to 10 or more.

So sometimes, it may require to remove the Libraries totally from the left pane and directly access your folders.


People having this type of taste, are at a dis-advantage as default Windows 7 does not allow Libraries to be deleted or removed off from the Explorer. But like all Windows registry tweaks, there exists another tweak to hide the Library option.

This is .reg file. Upon downloading the file, double click it. This will update the registry settings. Now logoff and logon again. You wouldn’t see the Libraries folder in the Windows 7 Explorer. This tweak doesn’t delete the Libraries, but only makes it invisible in the Windows Explorer.

In case you need to restore the Libraries option again, just download this file.

This is also an .reg file. Double click to run the file. Logoff and logon again. This will restore your Libraries as it is in Windows Explorer!

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