Skip Start Screen and Boot Faster in Windows 8 using Explorer Script

You already know from the comparison of Windows 8 vs Windows 7 that Windows 8 boot times are better than Windows 7. If you still like to have faster boot times, it’s better to disable the start screen and boot directly on to the Windows 8 desktop. Earlier in Windows Developer Preview, there was a tweak software called “Metro UI Tweaker” using which you could directly boot into Windows 8 desktop. But now it doesn’t work out in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


You’re going to use a script to avoid the Metro Startup screen and will force the desktop mode application to load asap after login. The basic concept behind this start screen boot skip in windows 8 is by overlaying Metro screen with Desktop mode, by creating Explorer Script file that launches the desktop.

To accomplish this:

Enter the following text in Notepad.

Command =2

Save the file as showmydesktop.scf to a suitable location.

Now open the “Task Scheduler” and create a “new task”. Schedule the task to begin “at log on”. Assign the “Explorer Script” to an Action .

For a detailed tutorial on this subject visit the source link.

Now when you login into Windows 8 next time, you’ll see the Start Screen for a second and then the Desktop will appear. This will make Windows 8 boot faster and let me know the changes in your boot times and whether this feature is good or not in the comment section.

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