Some AntiVirus Solutions for Windows 8

I’ve earlier posted on how to download the Windows 8 Consumer preview (both direct download links and torrent links) and also listed some killer Windows 8 features you should make a worthy note of. As with any new OS and with the rapid progress of broadband internet and usb drives, viruses, worms, malware is a common problem. In Windows 7, Microsoft allowed users to take care of this problem by allowing to download Security Essentials for free from it’s website which became very popular.

With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has provided some basic level of protection and bundled it’s popular Security Solutions software with Windows 8 and renamed it as Windows Defender. But the level of protection is only basic. Users who want more advanced protection should try the below antivirus solutions.

Norton Internet Security 2012

Normally just like any other internet security system, Norton provides basic protection from viruses, spyware, spam and other threats. But what Windows 8 Defender is lacking is Cloud-based management, social network monitoring and support on multiple monitors.  The newest version of Norton Internet Security includes all features and protects your tablet and your web surfing.


To protect from the web worms, four different layers of smart protection are provided. They protect, detect and remove threats even before they reach the tablet or computer or laptop. It protects downloaded applications by checking their security and also helps parents with parental control.

The NIS 2012 is also a social network monitoring tool and for Facebook users, it scans your news feed and warns you about threats. There are additional features like saving your notebook’s battery, managing bandwidth, and monitoring email and IM.

Download Norton Internet Security 2012 Free Trial for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Norton Internet Security 2012 is an ideal choice for your tablet/pc/computer/laptop if you’re looking at multi-level security solution. Users can download a 60-day trial copy from the above link.

Kaspersky Technical Preview 2013

One more popular anti virus solution for Windows 8 is Kaspersky Technical Preview 2013. Though, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Anti-Virus 2012 products are very popular, Kaspersky released a special version for Windows 8.

Kasperksy_Internet_Security_For_Windows 8

A 90-day trial copy can be downloaded from the below link.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 for Windows 8

The main features of KIS 2013 Technical Preview are Early Launch Anti Malware (ELAM), supports new security features of Windows 8 including that helps Windows 8 Metro-style apps, protection from hackers, trojans, spam and viruses. The download size of Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is 141 MB and supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8.

Avast 7

If you’re still not satisfied with the above two antivirus solutions for Windows 8, you’ve another choice. Avast Free Antivirus 7, Avast Antivirus Pro 7, and Avast Internet Security 7 final versions have been released which support Windows 8.

Avast_Antivirus_For_Windows 8

One of the main feature of this software is the customizable installation. This will install the anti virus as a second line of defense to any existing anti virus and can be used along with the other antivirus software. The highlighting features of this new version are file reputation system, real-time virus database updates and remote assistance.

Download Avast 7 for Windows 8

You can download the free version or a 30 day trial version from the above link.

Please let us know in the comment section, which antivirus solution you’ve adopted for your Windows 8.

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