Sure Way to display Google Plus Picture in Search Results

You must have observed for the past 6 to 8 months, that human images appear before posts or articles in google search results. These images are nothing but google way of showing the author of the blog or post. This creates a respect among readers when you see your photo/image/picture in google search results. The image displayed is nothing but your google plus picture retrieved by google by using it automatic linking program. This is also called “Google Authorship” markup  in search results.

Though there are many methods, I’ll let you know the sure way to do it. This method worked for me on two blogs and is the easiest way too. First of all, let’s see how this google authorship markup is displayed in search results.


I got to know this method from Amit Agarwal of who has the repertoire on blogging about the recent changes in internet. The following are the steps by which you can display your google plus picture beside search results.

Sure way to show Google Plus Picture in Search Results using Work Email

Before you apply this method, you need to have a Google or Gmail account. You also must have to upload your picture to your Google Profile.

Step 1: Go to your Google Plus Profile page and click the Edit Profile button. Add your Work email on this page. You can also visit your Google Plus Profile page, by clicking your email address on your Gmail account.

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The below screenshot shows an example of Google Plus profile (e.g my profile).


If you scroll down on this page, you can see the Work Email field or option. Click on it to edit or add a work email.



Make sure the visibility option of this email address is set to “Anyone on the web”.

Step 2: Click on Verify to verify your work email address. You’ll see a small “tick” mark in your Google Plus Profile, where you’ve just added your work email address. You can check how it looks in the earlier screenshot above. Since, I’ve already completed this process, you see my email is already verified.

Step 3: Next, you need to add the following code to every article you like to get recognized on the web.

Link the author’s name to his Google+ page
Send <a href="">Karri Avinash</a>
an email at <a></a>


There are two things to change in the above code:

1. Your Google Plus Profile id :

You can get your Google Plus Profile id by visiting your Profile page and locating it in the address bar. For eg. my id here is : 114443784744432787056, which you can see yours in the address bar.

2. Your Email address:

This should be the same as your Work Email address, you provided and verified on your Profile page. Also, try to keep the name same as on your Profile page.

Generally, you can insert this code in your “footer” if you own the website or blog. By this way, you can make sure, all your articles have this code. But for guest posts, you’ve to specifically insert this code on your article page.

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Thus, this is the only and sure signal for Google to verify your Google Authorship and display your Google Plus picture beside search results. Thought, it’ll take some time to display your picture in google search results.

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