The Changes in the Office 2010 Service Pack 2 – Some Major Updates!

Since Office 2010 has been released, there have been 2 updates. SP2 is the latest one. There have been releases for both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

There have been several improvements with the latest update. The programs that are affected by these changes are:

  • Access
  • Excel
  • Office Shared (Affects Multiple Applications)
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Project
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Workspace
  • Visio
  • Word

But if you consider the detail improvements product-wise they are like this.


Excel 2010 SP2

With this update the overall stability, performance and compatibility with other version of Excel like 2003, 2007 have improved. Some of these examples include –

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Sometimes when closing the system suddenly or due to power failure there is corruption in the Excel documents. When the user re-opens this corrupted document, Excel does not always detect this fault. Instead Excel crashes while working with the spreadsheet in the middle. This issue was corrected, so that the crashes are avoided while working with corrupted documents.


Another bug is fixed related to yyyy format and pivot tables. For example with the “1904 date system” mode, the calculations done in the pivot tables, don’t take the yyyy mode into account and are wrong. So this has been corrected to take into account the 1904 data system mode. This fix does not apply to the regular recalc which is working correctly.

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Another issue relates to the charts. When a manual-sized plot area of the chart which is not visible on load is never made visible. The chart may be resized to be zero width and height, unless a macro setting is run that changes the chart’s series formula. With the SP2 update, you can make the chart visible again.

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PowerPoint SP2 Update

There are several fixes with PowerPoint also.

For example, there are compatibility issues between PowerPoint 2013 and 2010. For example when two colleagues are co-authoring on different versions of PowerPoint like 2013 and 2010 on a SharePoint server, the new features of 2013 like new transitions, new themes etc may be dropped. But with SP2 update, these features can be seen in 2010 also.


When you are embedding videos and playing them again in PowerPoint 2010, the video compression quality is too low to be properly sighted. But the codec quality has increased and the compression system works better now.

Another compatibility issue with PowerPoint 2007 got fixed. Indentation and left margins created with the earlier version appear to be correct. But when saved, closed and re-opened with 2010, these features are lost. But this got fixed in the Office 2010 SP2 update.

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Project SP2 Update

There are several causes for crashes of Project 2010. One of the reason is when copying and pasting in master project. This got fixed in the SP2 update.

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Another fix is related to the options in Project 2010. One of these options is the “Actual costs are always calculated by Project”. If this is disabled, remaining cost data can behave erroneously when the task is partially complete. This unexpected behavior is corrected in 2010 SP2 update.

You can create custom fields in Project 2010. For example, if you are creating a column with cost of daily groceries, you need to sum it up. But in SP1 and the initial release, the totaling was not correct. This got fixed in SP2 update.

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Another issue is related to importing of timesheet data. This occurs when trying to apply the timephased data. The import will fail with an exception. But the import is working now correctly in the SP2 update.

Word 2010 SP2

When you are using Word 2007 and 2010 or using different version of Office, spellcheck returns an error “The Spelling check was stopped before it finished” when set to spellcheck on send. This grammatical issue got rectified.


Another issue was related to the incorrect rendering of ActiveX and bitmap OLE objects. When they were formatted with the “in front of text” text wrapping style, they were not working as intended. But this formatting style works correctly after the 2010 SP2 update.

When a decimal tab in a table is used with a numbered or bulleted list, Word 2010 process crashes. This got rectified in the latest update and Word stops failing.

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Outlook 2010 SP2

When receiving an email in Outlook 2010 and if it’s being saved, the custom document property values are not displayed the document library. These values are correctly populated with the SP2 update.

Outlook 2010 faced issues with slow servers. For example, it may time out and hang when accessing images. This issue also got rectified.

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  • Jimmy Dawson

    Hi. Would the April patches cause Office 2010 SP2 to show as installed at the same time? It looks like that on my workstations; KB2687455 Office 2010 SP2 same install date as the April patches.

    Were you saying that there was an update to the SP2?


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