[DIY] How to Make a Wi-Fi Router for Rs 285 or $14.15 or £6.82 using Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 PC?

Whether you are in USA, UK or India, you always want to buy the cheapest deals in electronics. Whether it’s a PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone it doesn’t make a difference. With increasing devices, you need different networks for different hardware, which makes your internet costly. But I’ll tell you common known secret which is little modified to give you the best and cheapest deal of wireless router.

As you know 3G and 4G data networks for mobiles cost more and they have their limitations in bandwidth. Though the LAN connected or Ethernet based internet is cheaper, you need to tangle with all the wires. In the midst, there are these Wi-Fi dongles that are making noise, using which you can make a wireless network in your home. So finally if you prefer the cheapest and fastest route, then the “Local Area Connection” method of connecting internet is the best.

Now if you are in a single-room home or you want Wi-Fi for a range of 5-7 meters or 20 feet, then using the below method of making your Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 PC as a wireless router is the cheapest and best method.

What you Need?

1. Windows 8.1 or 8 or 7 Laptop or PC
2. Tenda W311M N150 Wireless USB Adapter (optional or mandatory – varies)
3. Skill to apply Command-line tools in Elevated Command Prompt.

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Is Tenda Wi-Fi LAN Card Required?

I’m promoting this wireless network adapter, because I have purchased it and is working well within limits. But it is not mandatory if you are using a latest PC or laptop with AccessPoint (AP) privileges to your wireless or Wi-Fi lan card. Normally, you need to buy one, if you are like me, and using a 5 year old computer. Anyhow one will be required if you want to send and receive Wi-Fi signals.

[Virtual] How to Set Up a Wireless Router in Windows 8.1?

All you need to do, is insert your Tenda wireless LAN card into one of your USB sockets. If it’s 8.1, it’ll automatically detect the drivers. Otherwise, you can install from the CD given with the Tenda package. Now you need to enter a few commands. Open you command prompt with administrator rights or in elevated mode and type these commands in order.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Sridhar key=SimplePwd
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You need to replace “Sridhar” with any other name to identify your network with like “PallaReviews” or “BillGates” or “Microsoft”.

Create Wi-Fi HotSpot with PC - Step 1Virtual wireless router with PC - Step 1

In this example, Ethernet 2 is the “Local Area Connection” for my wired internet connection. A LAN wire from my Internet modem is connected in the D-Link socket. Right-click on that adapter and select “Properties“.

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Now check the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection“. From the selection box below, select the virtual network adapter created earlier. Here it is “Local Area Connection*15”.

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Share Wireless network adapter

Final network configuration after internet access
If everything is successful, you should see your virtual network adapter connected with the name given in the command-line.

Now you need to replace “SimplePwd” with any set of alpha-numeric characters, which acts as a password to this network. This is important, as without the password, anybody can use the net within the Wi-Fi range. Also beware that the password should be a collection of letters and numbers only. I tried to give special characters, but didn’t work out for me.

How to Make a Wi-Fi HotSpot or Virtual Wi-Fi Router?

Now you have enabled the virtual adapter and you need to share your Ethernet network connection with your virtual connection through Tenda wireless network adapter. This one acts as a wi-fi hotspot for sending signals to other devices or a sender.

Elevated command prompt in Windows 8.1
If everything is successful without any errors, you should see a message like the above.

Connect your devices to this Virtual Wi-Fi HotSpot Zone

Now take your smart-phone or any other computer and switch on the Wi-Fi connection. You will get a few messages indicating that your mobile phone is trying to connect to your virtual wireless router. Once it is done, you enter your password that you entered in the first step. This should make secure and authorize the sharing of internet connection.

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Trouble-shooting Steps

Through my experience I found a few problems when trying to connect to this wi-fi hotspot zone. The solution to this kind of problem is very simple. You just enable or disable your Ethernet network adapter and your wi-fi router will have Internet access again.

Other time the Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter was disabled for un-known reasons. Just go to your device manager and from the list of Network Adapters, you will find this virtual adapter if it’s disabled. Just enable it again.
This should give successful wi-fi internet access again.

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Problem with Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter

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