Windows 10 RTM – What Features to Expect?

I was surprised to know that Windows 10 was predicted as an “April Fool’s” Joke. But the reality was true, as you can see in this article from Pete Babb.  The next thing about this one-OS for all devices is that a new version will be coming out in a few days.  Though the RTM version has still time left and may be expected in mid-2015, developers are already making changes based upon the user feedback.

There is also an official Twitter handle ( for Windows 10, for which there are only 1300+ followers. But Microsoft is hearing through various forums and user groups. Here is a list of 12 useful features which may make it to the final build. These are only the expected features and may or may not find a place in the RTM version.

Cortana for the Desktop

The personal assistant which is a competitor to Siri of Apple, is likely to come-up in the desktop version. Many of the Windows 8.x phone users are making healthy benefits using the above digital guide to make voice commands in searches. It has been rumored that Cortana is already making progress by integrating with Microsoft Remote Desktop feature.

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Windows 8.x Charms Bar Removed

It’s almost certain that the Windows 8.x features may see a revamp. For example, the Charms Bar which was new, will almost be removed in the new OS. You can easily navigate to your requirement using the Control Panel, just like the old fashioned way.

Hybrid Start Menu

The simplicity of Start Menu in Windows 7, Vista, XP etc made many loyal users complain about it’s total dissolution in Windows 8.1. But Windows 10 is almost going to have a Start Menu, as also mentioned in the Technical Preview Event of Sept 30th. There will be tiles, app short-cuts,  jump-lists, web search etc in the modified Start Menu.

Aero Glass may be Back

Windows Vista got it, but it lacked the performance to drive its features. But in Windows 7, it got a new look and many themes were also developed on this version of desktop interface. Windows 10 beta testers are requesting this feature be brought back and make new developments to the icons and other visual elements.

Windows Store for Iranian People

There are about 15000+ votes already polled for the above feature on the Windows User Voice forum. May be the moderators are not really looking at it. But still, it still tops the chart. Probably “Iran” is being restricted from using the Windows Store apps and with Universal apps, almost making to the final feature list, it should be available for all boundaries and regions.

Merging of PC Settings and Control Panel

Many of the options present in Windows 8.1 version of Charms bar and the old “Control Panel” are duplicate. So there has to be a way to simplify finding things and make it more intuitive for the user to get to the Administrative Tools or Mouse or PC and devices, much more easier.

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Tabs for File Explorer

You need to use a third-party software like “Clover”, which has its own pros and cons, to use multiple-tabs of File Explorer be seen in a single window. But this may change in Windows 10. Just like the Mac OS, we may see a more better and clean interface for the Explorer, so that you can do many things, without leaving a single window.

Many Devices but One- OS

Whether be it the 8″ smart-phone or 15″ tablet or 42″ TV, you need to have different OS depending on the device, earlier to Sept 30th, 2014. But this is definitely going to change with Windows 10. All the devices, whether its a phone or Surface Pro will be using the same OS. This makes things less complicated, as you shift devices.

Universal Apps

Developers were at a disadvantage when they had to design new programs for new devices. Same is the case with the consumer group also. You need to buy a separate Store app for each device, you want to run your app. But this feature of Universal Apps, which is another definitive feature in 10, you can simply develop one code for all devices. Also buying a single app would sync with all devices.

Improved Install/Uninstall Features

This got a lot of improvement in the number of votes on the “Windows User Forum”. I always use Revo Uninstaller Pro or CCleaner to clean the junk files left over, after I uninstall a product. But we can’t be sure, whether we are deleting the right registry file or not. In that case, Windows 10 may make improvements for better co-operation between vendors, so that the install and un-installation process is a more cleaner and quicker one.

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Game Mode just like “God Mode”

Windowed  Game mode of BattleNet in Windows 10

Prevention of Thumbnail Cache Automatic Deletion

One of the annoying features of earlier Windows versions, was that the thumbnail cache gets deleted automatically when you use software like CCleaner or clean junk files. Though this can be set-up in Folder Options, it’s best to prevent this happening automatically. This can ensure faster looking at images and thumbnails.

One-Stop Drivers for all Devices

NVidia uses it’s own set of drivers and many-a-times, asks for update in the middle of busy business. This is somewhat annoying. There should be update for drivers for all types of graphic devices, printers etc coming from Microsoft itself.  Also there should be a mechanism of faster update. Windows 10 may have a decent updates system with faster installation speed.

Binding of Programs to Different Hardware

You have .7z and .bz2 file types linked with different programs. But this support should come in-built in File Explorer. Also having speakers bind to Program 1 and headphones to Program 2 should come at more easy pace, then tinkering with control panel options.

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