Windows 8 Transformation Pack for 7 : Some flavors before you eat

There’ve been lately so many changes to Windows 8 milestone, that Windows 7 users are looking to incorporate those changes into their system. There is also a Windows 8 Developer Preview which is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers and cannot be uninstalled.

Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows-8_Start_screen  Windows_Developer_Preview-Windows_8_touch_keyboard

With the advent of powerful smartphones like Apple iPhone and BlackBerry, can Microsoft unleash new features into it’s new OS? There are so many apps and app stores coming up for each variety of smartphone like the Android store, Apple store etc. Microsoft has also started running into the race by developing apps for its Windows 7 based smart phone and also recently opened a Windows 7 store for all such apps.

So what do we get as a bonaza with the advent of Windows 8?

Windows 8 introduces new features like Metro style interface which embodies simplicity and, more fluid and intuitive interaction. The Metro style interface incorporates touch and the new Start screen puts all your apps in front of you for immediate access. You can easily move around the screens or multiple monitors with either a finger, or a mouse and keyboard. Internet Explorer 10 is coming upfront with Windows 8. The apps designed for for Windows 8 are beautiful and intuitive and work on a variety of form factors and screen resolutions, such as thin slates or large monitors. They work on different platforms like x86, x64 and ARM platforms.

So are you interested in Windows 8 transformation pack?

Here are some of the transformation packs by virtue of which you can transform your Windows 7 PC to a Windows 8 look-a-like PC. But beware, all the software are untested, so try these software at your own risk.

1.        8 Skin Pack 9.0

This transformation pack is designed to help you bring the looks of Windows 8 onto your Windows 7 PC. The installation is very simple and allows you to choose whichever elements you like.

Download 8 Skin Pack 9.0

8 Skin Pack is an ad-supported software but free.  The size is around 27.6 MB and works on XP, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.  Also, this 8 Skin Pack has some additional arsenal in it’s inventory to further enhance the looks of your computer. The basic requirements are .Net framework.

Warning: There are 2 types of installation modes while installing this 8 Skin Pack 9.0. The Quick version changes the user-defined homepage, browser search engine and installs a browser toolbar. If you’re not interested in merging these changes to your Windows 7 you can go for Custom installation.  The new features in this release are:

  • new login screen
  • new start screen
  • new lock screen
  • new boot screen
  • new explorer

2.       Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0/UX Pack 3.5 Released

This is another Windows 8 Skin for Windows 7 which is also a transformation pack. Taking advantage of the Metro Tiles user interface, the designer has designed this transformation pack.  These are 2 packs. Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 works on XP/Vista/7 while the Windows 8 UX Pack 3.5 works for Windows 7 only.


Here is a link on the complete details of the transformation packs of Windows 8 for Windows 7.

Windows 8 Transformation Pack Details Page

There is also an YouTube video on how this works after installation, with every step explained in detail.

Windows 8 Skin for Windows 7
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