Windows 10 came in 2015 with awesome updates and still, many people prefer it. As you know, there are many other versions of Microsoft Windows in the market but experts always suggest using this Windows 10 version. There are many reasons to use it that we will discuss in the following post. Let’s have a look!

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windows 10 screen

Improved User Interface

Windows 10 offers the same start menu feature as Windows 8 to some extent. As you have used other versions and know the user interface of them. You have to face many glitches. But this issue isn’t with this Windows 10 version.

Best Option for Gamers

Games has a huge fan base that can never be neglected. Every Windows offers something unique to the gamers. But when it comes to Windows 10, gamers get huge benefits from using it.

Windows 10 provides the best graphics performance to the gamers. It offers Direct 12 support while playing the game. For example, if you play casino online, you will never face any glitch. On the other hand, online games sometimes don’t run smoothly. So, if you’re a gamer, then there is no other better option than using Windows 10.


It is one of the crucial advantages of Windows 10 that it features voice commands from Xbox to Siri, Alexa Google Assistant a more.

You are now able to communicate with your computer comfortably and more effectively! For instance, You can give the command to your computer as you say Hey Contra, open Twitter or Hey Cortana play hip-hop music, etc.

Handwriting Recognition

It provides magnificent support to recognize handwriting especially since it is most compatible for those users who prefer to write than type. Windows Ink provides the best assistance to recognize handwriting.

It means you do not need to type as many people hesitate to type the documents and they are not compatible with the device so they can write their meeting notes. Because the device can read and recognize your handwriting you need a compatible device required.

Offers High-Speed

Speed is considered one of the paramount features of computing. this is another principle benefit that the Operating system was designed to deliver high-speed performance. You do not need to spend your precious time on your computer as you are able to do a lot of things in a limited time. The speed of Windows is incredibly massive as compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This is the fundamental reason to consider that Windows 10 is an upgraded version of Windows 7.

Improved Security

As you know, security matters when it comes to the internet and Windows. You have to do multiple tasks on the windows. Sometimes, you save personal information and sensitive data on your computer. But if the security of your system is weak, anyone can steal your information.

On the other hand, Windows 10 comes with strong security features. It offers multiple Antivirus such as Windows Defender which protects your system from any malware and spyware.

Updating Features

If you want to remain safe in the virtual environment, you have to keep your system up-to-date. So, Windows 10 offers frequent updates that improve the security of your system. The developers consistently work to improve the Windows version to avoid any user frustration. When you use this Windows, you don’t have to bother about the updates.

Highly Compatible

Compatibility of any system matters a lot. Windows 10 is highly compatible with the software and hardware. You can use any type of application on this window without any slowdown and glitches. Besides, you can access easily screens, magnifiers, and other advanced features.

Easy to Recover

This is one of the crucial features that are included in Windows 10. It provides file history and system image backups to store data for users. It is most reliable for the users as it provides protection to the user’s data and can be recovered in case of missing data.

Final Word

To sum up, Windows 10 is the best version for all types of users. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this has a lot of things for you. It benefits professionals and IT experts across the globe. So, if you’re tired of using the old version, you should try Windows 10.

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