Global digitalization is rapidly transforming the world into a more advanced civilization where people delegate their manual and mental work to smart machines and systems.

In this event, customers’ demands are rising at a fast pace, making businesses struggle for better productivity and a competitive edge over their rivals.

Today, success and recognition of enterprise are hardly possible without leveraging information technologies.

So, to stay attractive to customers, along with other digital tools, numerous companies around the world apply Microsoft solutions. Based on recent estimates, over 1 million businesses utilize Microsoft 365 whilst almost 70% of organizations use Microsoft Azure at one time.

With such impressive numbers, it’s no wonder that these companies need Microsoft consulting services to grow their expertise and productivity.

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How businesses utilize Microsoft

Numerous enterprises across the world apply user-friendly Microsoft software, hardware, cloud computing platforms, and numerous applications to ensure seamless operation of business processes.

Most Microsoft products hardly need any introduction. Dynamics 365 is a perfect example of the Microsoft tool convenience.

This cloud platform is designed to deal with customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). It offers productivity apps and AI tools for business and, if applied in the right way, increases customer experience.

Microsoft Office tools are capable of resolving manual tasks and streamlining communication within a team, saving a great deal of time.

The first is achieved through utilizing Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and the second one – with Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and others.

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Data storage and synchronization opportunities implemented through OneDrive, Exchange, and others – benefits that make Microsoft so attractive to business owners.

With Power Apps, enterprises develop their feature-rich custom application, ensuring advanced workflow capabilities for their business.

When these and any other Microsoft instruments are applied efficiently, businesses maximize their capacities and increase output.

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Operations to be entrusted

To achieve the desired effect, one should know exactly which solutions are capable of satisfying the enterprise’s needs. Thus, the companies hire a team of highly specialized IT professionals to boost business potential and maximize the return on their investments.

In brief, Microsoft Consulting Services are applied for planning, developing, and integrating Microsoft-based tools for business acceleration.

Consultants and advisors take responsibility for the company’s digital strategy, IT architecture, systems upgrades, application development, and data analytics.

Apart from the above-mentioned, one may delegate the following tasks to the Microsoft consultants:

  • Documenting and analyzing customer information
  • Researching the market and industry trends to offer technologies relevant to business
  • Scanning business IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities
  • Advancing security measures
  • Offering new technological solutions to enhance business output
  • Reporting on findings to the company management
  • Running projects through all the stages
  • Planning and scheduling processes and development procedures
  • Managing budget 
  • Maintaining system operation and managing IT services
  • Consulting on hardware, software, apps, data protection, and remediation
  • Preparing stuff for efficient usage of Microsoft products.

Benefits of transformation with Microsoft consulting

Multi-sector expertise

Microsoft advisors have much to offer to businesses regardless of the economic sector they represent (marketing, PR, manufacturing, banking, or any other).

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They are proficient enough to tackle any IT-related issue that may arise in the course of Microsoft solution exploitation or supply the whole line of business applications. In any case, they discover and implement tailored solutions to address the specific needs of businesses with an equally high level of quality. 

Effective data management and customer orientation

Supported by Microsoft Consulting services, businesses can use an expanded array of systems and devices to collect and analyze real-time data.

With extensive data generation capabilities, enterprises transform into more customer-centered businesses that are aware and responsive to the changing preferences of their target audience. Reliable advisors and consultants build their activity over customers to ensure a higher level of service and maximize their experience.

This is achieved by exchanging feedback and preparing reports with up-to-date information. Hence, collaborating with Microsoft professionals who provide a thorough data analysis can lead to the growth of the company’s business intelligence and subsequent efficiency in decision-making.

Personalization of features

Many Microsoft tools can be used as they are without harm to business operations. Still, some features require configuration and customization to perform their functions efficiently.

With the right approach, many processes, such as emails, may be automated, which results in reducing the workload.


To remain adaptable to changing conditions and wisely manage finances allocated for consulting services, businesses have a chance to choose flexible contacts and service options instead of long-term agreements that may put a legal burden on both parties.

With infrequent use of few services, enterprises have enough freedom to take a side of pay-as-you-go agreements that ensure cost-effectiveness and do not oblige businesses to pay for what they don’t need.

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Wrapping up

Having analyzed your business and obtained a deep understanding of its unique challenges and goals, a team of dedicated advisors and consultants will tailor Microsoft’s tools to address them.

Adopting a digital transformation strategy based on Microsoft solutions helps companies survive in the competitive environment and stay flexible to be able to respond to constantly emerging tech innovations.

Investing in Microsoft’s consulting services guarantees better productivity, customer loyalty, increased business output, and profit. It ensures quality control, optimized operations, and automated manual processes.

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