[Solution] Fix “Windows XP Standby or Hibernate Button Disabled”

I recently installed Windows XP SP3 on my “gifted laptop”. Initially I had some issues related to Standby and Hibernate and then made some changes to see if they were resolved. I think I removed some display drivers. Anyhow to my surprise I found that instead of resolving the standby and hibernate issues, the Standby button was totally disabled.

Usually Google is my friend in these issues. But I was little afraid to try new things after the above debacle. So I was adamant to get back my Standby button.  I then made the decision to play the trial and error game.

Instead of uninstalling and loading the drivers again, I thought of reading the forums. One forum post on Tomshardware suggested to install all my motherboard drivers. As I already installed them, this was not the case. But in case you installed XP new on your system, its better to follow that advice.

Another post on the same forum suggested to have the proper chipset drivers (related to motherboard) installed and XP will automatically offer the Standby option. So now I had better hope that my issue would be resolved.

But I had dwell further to find the exact solution! There was another post on Yahoo Answers which suggested the cause due to video drivers. But since I had only Intel chipset drivers (and that too installed) and no NVIDIA graphic driver, I had to disregard this solution. Then in another post, the solution suggested was SIS utilities. I was not sure what it meant, so I had to leave that as a cause.

Finally the Solution to Disabled Standby Button in Windows XP

I exactly not sure on how I arrived at the solution. But I had a gut feeling that there is something wrong with the drivers. This had to do with the mistrials I tried earlier to resolve other Standby issues. So I checked my drivers in the Device Manager pop-up screen.

I found out that my Display adapters were un-installed. Since my laptop is Compaq Presario V3000, I visited the HP manufacture website for the right drivers. (I didn’t have the driver CD as they were not given to me). I found the following drivers.

Compaq Presario V3000 Notebook Pc Series -  Download Drivers And Software - Hp


Alas! It was the graphics drivers or as earlier it was the video drivers problem. So I just downloaded it on my 2 Mbps connection and installed them. When I restarted my XP laptop, the Standby button was back. Hurray! The problem is resolved.

Now the device manager list looked something like this:

Display Adapters Device Manager Xp

To enable the Hibernate button, you just need to go to the Power Options in Control Panel.

Power Options Properties Hibernate

You just need to check the option that says “Enable Hibernation” and your Hibernate button will also get activated. But when you turn off the computer, you will see the “Standby” button only. To see the Hibernate option, you just need to press the SHIFT key which you know already.

My Conclusion

I inferred from the above findings that my “Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family” driver was the cause of all this unintentional headache. So my clear advice to all the users facing this problem related to Standby button disabled in XP, is to check their motherboard, chipset and video drivers. If they are installed already, just try updating them to the newer version.

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