Fix Windows XP NOT Resuming After Standby

Most of the Windows XP laptop and desktop users commonly face this problem. You want to save power with Standby mode. But, even after having the latest SP3 update and other 2013 updates, you sometimes still face this problem. Before we go ahead, I want to inform you that support for XP from Microsoft will be abandoned in 2014. The alternative is to upgrade to a new OS like Windows 7 or 8. Otherwise, you may be affected by security loop holes which Microsoft might not be willing to cover.

Coming to the topic, I came upon this issue with my “new gifted” laptop. Actually it’s an old one as I’m not in a position to buy a new one. But luckily my Aunt was moving away from my native place and she just gifted to me for free. I uninstalled the “old Windows” which in my case was Windows 7 which had performance issues. (I would like to make it clear that Windows 7 as an OS is very good, only while tweaking with unsupported software and hardware may render it non-performing like slow speed etc).

My laptop model was Compaq Presario V3000 from HP.  It had undergone some minor repairs for motherboard and hard-disks. But it was without any problems. (till now).

The laptop configuration was something like this:

  • Intel Core Duo T2050 @1.60Ghz
  • L2 Cache – 2048 KBytes
  • Motherboard – Wistron 30B2
  • Intel Chipset – i945GM
  • RAM – 2GB DDR2

My other peripheral devices can be seen in this Device Manager screenshot.

2013-08-30 12_35_03-Device ManagerNow I installed Windows XP SP3 Professional and updated all its drivers from both HP manufacturer site and Motherboard site. I also installed some third-party drivers which were not available from both the above sites. Since it was Windows XP and my laptop was in-between a “branded” and “assembled” one, it was little tiring finding the right drivers.

What I did to Fix my Win XP Laptop not resuming after Standby?

Coming to standby, there are lot of issues regarding it. But let’s concentrate on this problem. I will explain other problems in another post. I got this idea for solving my problem from a forum post on Tomshardware.

2013-08-30 12_48_45-Resume After Hibernate Or Standby Fails. Power On After - Windo

As you can see, the culprit for Windows XP standby resuming issue was the Universal Serial Bus Controller. Generally the USB drivers are also installed when you install other drivers or during default OS installation. It will look something like this as a clutter.

2013-08-30 11_24_56-Device ManagerSo I just uninstalled all those drivers related to USB. Temporarily your USB devices may not function as their drivers are uninstalled. But you can use the laptop mouse pointing device temporarily. Or else if you are using a desktop, you can just restart after uninstalling those USB Controller drivers.

Wow, this made my Win XP laptop to resume after standby when I press the sleep button. (This setting can be found in the Power Options, where you can set the action when you click the sleep button).

Is my Problem Completely Fixed?

Well I have to say that it’s solved, but there are new issues. Now my computer wakes up immediately after putting the laptop to standby mode. The reasons can be many. Even a slightest movement during standby process, can cause it to wake-up. But there are can be other reasons, which I still need to research about.

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My Conclusion

The universal solution to this type of problem is not to use Standby at all in Windows XP. But as Microsoft recommends, its better to use Hibernate. Though there may be other issues related to Hibernate, I still recommend using it better to Standby.

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