With the increasing trend of businesses transitioning to paperless operations, the demand for digital document scanners has surged. There are quite a few ways how to keep digital documentation.

However, selecting the most suitable option for your requirements can be challenging due to the abundance of choices available. In this article, we will delve into some of the best document scanner options available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

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Top Windows Scanner Apps

Simple Scan

Simple Scan is a fantastic PDF scanner software for Linux that is completely free and open source. It’s incredibly lightweight and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those who are new to scanning documents.

Moreover, Simple Scan provides advanced features such as color correction and cropping, making it suitable for all your scanning needs. With this program, you can perform single-page, multi-page, color, grayscale, and black-and-white scanning.

One of the major advantages of this software is its basic and intuitive user interface, which ensures that even non-technologists can easily navigate through it. One minor drawback is that the software might display advertisements, which could possibly be irritating to some users.

PDF Scanner App

PDF scanner for iPhone is capable of scanning any document, even docs IDs, invoices, etc. You can get the application from the Apple Store, so you can be sure that the service is safe. The scanned document is converted to PDF and it is immediately ready for sending via any messenger. Plus the application can convert PDF to docs by recognizing text. Tellingly, the application easily copes with text recognition, there are no errors typical of other similar services.

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Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is not open source, but it’s a powerful PDF scanner app that you can get for free on Android and iPhone. It even works offline! With Adobe Scan, you can easily scan documents using your smartphone camera.

It automatically crops and enhances the image, so everything is super easy to read. Adobe Scanner has different scan modes like color, grayscale, and black and white. You can choose the one that works best for you.


If you’re in need of user-friendly and comprehensive document scanning software, Readiris should definitely make it onto your list. With Readiris, you can effortlessly scan and convert physical documents into PDF format.

This tool boasts an intuitive and friendly graphical user interface and supports various file types such as Word, PowerPoint, indexed PDF, and Excel. Just let the tool know which files you want to scan, and it takes care of the rest for you. After the scanning is completed, you’ll be prompted with editing options automatically.


VueScan document scanning software is designed with people in mind, providing a completely free-to-use tool. By reverse engineering over 6000 scanners, VueScan surpasses traditional scanning software technology.

This empowers individuals to easily scan their documents whenever they need to, using their existing scanners on Windows, Linux, or iOS operating systems. With VueScan, users have access to a range of customizable scanning options, including a Professional and Standard suite for different document types.


Can you imagine how convenient it would be to scan documents at the press of a few buttons? ScanSpeeder offers some incredible features that make scanning a breeze. It allows you to scan multiple documents together on a flatbed scanner, saving them as separate images.

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Additionally, this free document scanning software for Windows lets you scan slides, and negatives, and even fix the tint in images. Not only that, but you can also preserve any comments on the back of your photos, ensuring they’re never forgotten.

PaperScan Software

PaperScan Software is a powerful and user-friendly tool for document scanning. It supports interfaces like WIA and TWAIN, making it compatible with legacy scanners, video-capture cards, and old digital cameras.

The software’s auto-optimization feature is incredibly convenient, and the Auto Deskew option automatically rotates pictures for you.

paper scan software

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is a widely favored document scanning tool by leading publishing houses worldwide. The new edition, FineReader14, offers robust features, making scanning and editing documents effortless.

A notable addition is the compare feature, which allows users to easily keep track of changes made.


There are numerous PDF scanner options available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone. Whether you require basic scanning capabilities or advanced OCR functionality, you can find PDF scanner software that meets your needs.

With a wide range of choices, it’s crucial to carefully consider your specific requirements before making a decision.

However, PDF Scanner App and Simple Scan stand out as one of the best PDF scanner tools on the market today, thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced features.

Its compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, makes it an accessible and versatile tool for users.

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