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Hackers and cybercriminals are coming up with more complex threats with each passing day. Stealing personal information, financial records, credentials and pictures, it seems like there is no end to it.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you also have to worry about governments and ISPs monitoring and restricting access – unless your VPN has these important security features that is.

We want to address in detail which features are essential in keeping your online activity encrypted and anonymized, and why you need top-rated VPNs to keep the ever-evolving cyber security threats at bay.

We recommend PureVPN and have three reasons why it can be a smart investment in safeguarding your digital lifestyle.

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Streaming platforms have invested in IP-busting technology that can figure out if you are using a VPN to access content that’s unavailable in your region. Does that mean you are out of luck?

Not at all. And it’s all thanks to PureVPN’s upgraded servers with Obfuscation technology.

Unblock content easily. Bypass advanced IP tracking measures for a seamless streaming experience.

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Domain Fronting

Faced with censorship and limited connectivity all around? This can be the result of ISP limits, even official directives.

Banned domain names means you can’t access certain websites, but thanks to Domain Fronting measures in PureVPN, you no longer have to settle for less.

This technique forwards your traffic to the desired website, while masking itself as another domain.


Opening up your ports for optimal performance is not easy for casual users. But what if you never had to worry about it at all?

Enter PureVPN’s Multiport feature. An advanced technique that enables you to automatically choose the best ports for faster connectivity.

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Life doesn’t get simpler than this.

These three major features keep your privacy, anonymity and security central. Your VPN connection benefits from speed, stability and performance boosts that have become a necessity in this age of unprecedented surveillance. Invest in a premium VPN, like PureVPN, today and you will be thanking yourself for it later.

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