5 Tips to Buy a New Computer in 2013

Before you own a computer you should carefully judge the merits and de-merits of the hardware and software that the system is going to be built with. Whether you need it for school, business or home, it can really be a confusing deal. There are lot of things to be considered before buying a new computer like  price, reliability, warranty, memory, USB slots and pre-installed software packages.

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In simpler terms my recommendations for you to buy a new computer are as follows:

  • Always buy an assembled PC
  • Buy the latest configuration, but check with an expert.
  • Buy the maximum RAM  supported by the mother board.
  • Buy an internal and also an external hard-drive.
  • Plan your accessories well.
  • Better buy a LCD monitor with touch-features enabled.
  • Decide an OS which has all the drivers for your hardware.

The reasons, why I’m recommending the above things can be seen in the next few paragraphs.


Tip #1:

One important thing you need to remember before you buy a new computer is that the re-sale value will be very less whether its branded or assembled. Also you have to keep in mind the upgrade prices, when its time to update the software or hardware on your computer.

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Summary: Always buy a computer with the next 3 years ONLY in mind. It should be always short-term not long-term.

Tip #2:

Decide the need of your computer.  If its really needed for gaming then you might need a better processor, ram and performance oriented graphics card. But if its only for home used for serious work like spread-sheet preparation and programming you just need that average computer.

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Summary: But since prices have become so cheap its always better to take the latest configuration.

Tip #3

Beware of AMD or Intel. In earlier days it was thought AMD was king of graphics display and good for games.

For example, an AMD CPU and Intel Core CPU might both be clocked at 2.5 GHz with 4 cores each, yet one may actually perform much better than the other. Why? Both CPUs may operate at 2.5 billion cycles per second, but the technology in the Intel Core CPU makes more use out of each cycle, so in reality it performs better.

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Summary: Don’t look only at the numbers. Learning which CPU is the best for you will take some research.

Tip #4

Beware of technology. Salesmen will try to sell you the latest processor based computers. But check with servicing partners and your friends if they  have bought a similar configuration. New technology is good, but sometimes can come without fail-safe mechanism. For eg. Intel i5, first generation processor based computers were a disaster like Vista.

Summary: Always check the specifications and consult an expert before you buy something really costly.

Tip #5

You need to take a decision about accessories. Do you need a specific mouse for gaming ? Do you need extra keys in your keyboard for stopping and playing music? Do you need speakers, external hard-drive, dual monitor setup ? Planning these things out before buying a new computer will help you get a discount as a whole. Later if you decide to buy these things, it may cost you costly!

Summary: Always try to decide the accessories before hand and buy them when you buy the new computer.

As with Windows 8, you need to keep in mind of the new things in our computers. There are touch screens, enhanced touch pads, gesture controls and hybrid drives which work well with Windows 8.


My reasons for the above tips are clear. If you buy a branded PC like Dell, they may not support upgradation to new hardware with third-party parts. Also, since cloud services are on the increase, you may think hard-drives may be obsolete.


But be beware of internet connection interruptions and privacy of your data. With new OS like Windows 8 pushing forward of touch enabled devices, its better to take a monitor that suits it.

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In all, check with your neighbor or friend before buying a new computer as that will help you decide on the right hardware and software. If you have any other tips for buying a new computer with Windows 8 installed, share them in the comments section.

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  • Buy a computer which has everything you need at a good price. Do not buy a computer that you simply cannot afford.It is always better to go for a brand whose service centres are near to your place. It is quite helpful in the cases if it needs to be repaired.

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