Tips for playing Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a shooting multiplayer game. The cold war version is its newest addition. Adjusting to this new version takes some time.

With repeated practice, one can master this game. But if you want to become a pro player, you will need a reliable guide.

In this article, you will find 5 pro tips that will help you dominate the battles and win each round.

Top 5 tips for conquer Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

1.    Memorize the map

For mastering Call of Duty Cold War, you have to learn the maps carefully. Like other games, maps play a significant role in each battle you fight.

You will find some camping spots, common routes, vantage points, and blind corners on each map. Memorizing the map will always be helpful in battles.

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When you memorize the maps from top to bottom, you can decide which route to take and avoid. You can also recall certain routes that your enemies will take and specific corners where others can attack you.

Though some changes on each map occur, having a clear idea about the maps will help you choose a better hiding spot instead of running around blindly.

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Moreover, when you know which path your enemies will take, you can keep your fingers on the trigger and have some easy kills. This will also keep you alive for a longer time.

2.    Upgrade guns

When you use different weapons in the Cold War, your guns get upgraded with new attachments and skins.

The new skins look fancy and add a bling to your weapon, but getting new attachments for your guns is the most important thing.

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Each attachment adds new features to your guns. So, as you keep adding new attachments, your gun gets upgraded and matches your play style.

You need to use those attachments based on their priorities.

Some of them will help you switch from aiming to sprinting or vice versa, and you need to keep those as your priority. Some of the attachments only unlock when some commitments are completed.

So, spend your time wisely and get all the necessary kits. While upgrading your guns, keep your playing style in mind.

You should not upgrade massively which does not match your gaming style. So, one of the most useful black ops cold war hacks will be, pick a weapon that matches your style and keep upgrading it.

3.    Take advantage of sound

You need to stay alert and keep your ears open to catch the slightest sounds in COD Cold War. Sounds give a lot of useful information in these battles.

You can hear the sound of drops on others and when someone is planning to drop on you. When another player runs, you can hear their footsteps, plan your attack, and track their movements.

Suppressed shots from enemies cannot be seen on the mini map, but you can hear them. Moreover, you can hear the sound of RC-XD and mics and detect their location.

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If you want to respond with the audio cues, you need a set of good-quality headphones.

4.    Focus on your objectives

For more wins and kills, you have to focus on your objectives. So, players need to be focused on their goals and stay involved where the action occurs.

You can also stay on the edges of your objective location and get some easy kills as other players rush inside.

But, make sure that you are trying to get the objectives. Else your opponents will win the battle.

Moreover, capturing objectives will increase your score, which will let you drop more ordinances on your enemies.

5.    Use versatile equipments

You can use your equipment for various purposes. Apart from killing others and causing damage, you can use them to scare your enemies and secure your path.

For example, if you want to explore a corner, you can throw an item to scare the enemies.

You can also use this tactic for reloading your guns and repositioning your character. Thus, your enemies will move away and hide under a cover while you can pass the area safely.


These are some useful tips and tricks that will enhance your game. Call of Duty is a brutal game, and surviving the Cold War is extremely difficult.

That is why some tips from pro players are given here. Following these tips will always give you an upper hand on the battlefield, and you will better understand the game.

Last but not least, practice and dedication are also required to master a difficult game like COD. So, keep playing and enjoy every moment.

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