When operating Windows 10, people do follow this problem.

Whenever they log on or even when reboot it, the computer won’t automatically connect to WiFi.

Then they need to follow the loop to select the WiFi tile, see the available options, and then click and enter the password.

But the bother here is that this is an every time log-in story, which is somewhat unbearable. 

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It is advised to try this solution before any other methods. So, I want to share first.

Basic Fix to Windows 10 doesn’t Automatically connect to WiFi

  1. Click the Network icon on the bottom right-hand side of Taskbar in Windows 10
  2. All Network connections of nearby devices are listed. Network & Internet Settings are also visible.
  3. Make sure WiFi is enabled. Typically, it will be in blue. 
  4. Click on your WiFi connection. Enter the password if it’s the first time. 
  5. Otherwise, check the box “Connect Automatically.” Click on Connect. 
  6. Reboot and check if it solves your problem. 
connect wifi automatically windows 10

From time to time, many users had registered complaints regarding their problem of Windows 10 Wi-Fi not getting connected to their saved Wi-Fi networks automatically.

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Even when the Connect automatically option has already been marked right every time. 

Update Wireless Network Adapter Driver

  • It may be a simple glitch.
  • The user might have done a software update, which puts off the Wi-Fi adapter on every shutdown.
  • It might be some save power option remedy.
  • Perhaps, due to this, it needs an every time wake-up call. 
update wi fi network adapter driver windows 10

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Device Manager on Windows 10 – Fix Wi-Fi Connection

device manager search bar windows 10
  1. Search Device Manager in Windows 10 search bar. Open the Control Panel item. 
  2. Under your computer name > Network adapters, find your WiFi adapter or wireless card
  3. Right-click it and select Properties > Power Management.
  4. Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power option is generally checked.
  5. Uncheck and reboot.
  6. Click Ok to save changes.
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power management wi fi adapter windows 10

After the changes are saved, your computer should start connecting effectively, and your computer will get connected to WiFi automatically after every shutdown or reboot. 

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Fix HP Laptop Won’t Connect to WiFi on Windows 10

WiFi network to HP computers is generally based on a central router.

A lot of connectivity, hardware and software issues can happen when using the wireless connection.

Your new HP Laptop 14s- er0503TU might not connect, go slow or drops in between zoom meetings.

Check whether your WiFi is turned on or not. Not only on your device but also from the physical source; if it is not turned on, turn it on. 

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Do check the Airplane setting in the Action Centre or Windows 10 Settings; it needs to be turned off. 

Common Troubleshooting Steps

  1. HP Support Assistant is provided on many laptops. It is available in the notification area or on the desktop screen. Select your device name. Click on Internet and Security > HP Network Check. Run the network diagnostic. Select one of the possible root causes. After the troubleshooting is over, click on Re-check. If that solves the laptop won’t connect to the WiFi problem, continue using the WiFi. Otherwise, try the steps again with a different root cause. 
  2. Use Windows 10 Network and Internet Troubleshooter from Settings. 
  3. Reinstall the Wireless network adapter driver from the device manager or using Settings. 
  4. Update wireless network drivers using CCleaner
  5. A wireless key or button on the front side or near the keyboard is available. You need to move the slider or turn it on. It will enable wireless functionality. If it’s working, it will be in blue otherwise in orange or some amber color. Then use the steps above or below. 
  6. Hardware issues also can cause the hp laptop to stop connecting to WiFi automatically. If you are using a cable from the router to the computer, you can remove the plug from the router and click it again. Try switching off the router power supply and on again. 
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Windows 10 won’t connect to WiFi

Find in your WiFi network details that include the password, status, signal strength, security type, key, network name, and the like.  

It might be the reason why your Windows 10 won’t connect to the WiFi network, as these might have altered. Revise them carefully.

  • Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. 
network and internet manage known wi fi networks windows 10
  • Click the WiFi network if it’s already detected. 
  • Select the required Network to forget, i.e. your trusted Network and then click on Forget. 
  • After this, reselect and turn WiFi back on manually windows 10 to renew the connection. 
forget wi fi network windows 10

You need to enter the WiFi password again. 

Well, there might be many other issues as to why your Windows 10 won’t automatically connect to WiFi. Come, let’s check them out.

Turn Wi-Fi back on Manually Windows 10

Make Changes to the Group Policy

This method has effectively solved the problem for many, on them while you can also try your luck by redefining the settings to the Group Policy. 

Note: Though this function is only available in the Windows 10 Pro, it follows then if it applies to you. 

Press Windows key + R on your keyboard. In the run dialogue box that appears, type’ gpedit.msc’ and then press Enter.

The Group Policy Editor Window will appear.

In the left column, select and follow the route:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Internet Communication Management Internet Communication Settings.

connect to wi fi network manually fix group policy editor

On the right-hand side, click on the setting Turn off Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests. From the pull-down menu that appears, mark Not configured. 

Do not forget to click on Ok and Apply to save the changes

Registry Editor Fix

Search for regedit in the windows 10 search bar. Registry Editor opens.              

registry editor windows 10 search bar

Follow through the underlined path in the Registry Editor: 


Check the Group Policy subkeys if they are available.

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If it does not exist, then you have to create it manually.

  1. Highlight the WcmSvc and right-click on it.
  2. Choose New and Key and name it Group Policy
  3. Select the Group Policy and to the right pane, right-click on a space.
  4. Click New and DWORD (32-Bit) value from the given list.
  5. From your keyboard, type the new DWORD value as “fMinimizeConnections” (no quotes). 

Now exit the editor and restart your PC. 

Once completed, restart and check whether or not your WiFi connects automatically.

Run the Network Troubleshooter

It analyzes your hardware problems and runs a thorough check you’re your internet connectivity by relevant access. 

Try to run the Network troubleshooter by right-clicking on your WiFi icon. Select Find and fix Networks and then click on Next to run the troubleshooter.

It is the Fastrack solution when your hp laptop won’t connect to WiFi or in case of any other notebook also. 


Well, the above solutions will be the best fix to connecting WiFi on windows 10;

find out your golden throw fix by reading and following them effectively.

But in case it doesn’t solve, you may try reinstalling your WiFi driver that also might help you.

For caution, you may even check on the Fast startup feature in the power options of the control panel, enabled on your PC, which helps to boot faster.

You can try enabling and disabling to fix the issuer WiFi doesn’t connect automatically.

For last but not least, you may even check your WiFi settings and let them match with those entered on your PC.

I have pretty well included the possible solutions; if it still not solves your issue, you may write us in the comment below.

We can try to work on it. And if it does, please share your insights.

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