If you don’t know how to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a video, it could be a daunting exercise.

With the evolution of technology, there are numerous easy means to convert your presentation into videos for your customers, business colleagues, or students.

Ordinarily, you may have thought that you can use video converter software to convert your PPT to video.

With the use of Microsoft Media Converter, you can successfully convert your media files from video to MP3 or any other media format of your choice.

If you want to know how to convert PPT to video, keep reading.

What is PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is an electronic presentation program that lets you complement your speech with a collection of slides.

This is why it is called a PowerPoint presentation.

If you want to give a Ted Talk or you want to talk about a business plan to expand your company, a PowerPoint is the right presentation choice.

You can create slides of any number on your Microsoft Windows or Mac OS to create a visual representation of what you’re talking about.

Right from the start, this software is designed for various communication situations in business, government, academics, entertainment, or what have you.

If you have just made a visual presentation, and you want to upload a video of it, this is how to do it. But before that, why would you need to convert PPT to videos?

Why Would You Need to Convert PowerPoint to YouTube Video?

Many people convert their presentations to videos for different reasons.

If you want to give a high-quality version of your presentation in a video of a few seconds or minutes, you can consider converting the PowerPoint to a video.

You can also consider converting it if:

  1. It includes animations and transitions in the video.
  2. To send it as an attachment to customers, business colleagues, and other audiences of yours through an email.
  3. To allow those without PowerPoint software to see your presentation through their video players.

How to Add Audio to Your PowerPoint?

In your PowerPoint presentation, you can do so by choosing an audio file from your PC.

You can start by clicking “Insert,” then “audio,” after which you’ll see the menu options for the audio files on your computer.

Choose the audio file and add it to the presentation.

Select “Audio Tools Playback” to edit the presentation as you can either use options like Sequence, Fade, or Loop Mode for the video.

If you’re operating a Mac OS, you can also add your audio by choosing from your browser or file.

Choosing from your browser could mean selecting a music option from iTunes.

When you select the file, click the “Audio Format Tab” and select the music of your choice.

Just as it is with Windows, you can also edit your audio to the loop mode, Sequence, or Fade mode.

After the edit, preview it and save all the progress. The way the presentation appears is the way it’ll be when you convert it to video.

You may only need to effect a few changes to make it a proper video.

How to Convert Your PowerPoint to YouTube Video?

It isn’t difficult to do the conversion with your PowerPoint software. With the following easy steps, you can perfect your presentation interest:

After creating your PowerPoint presentation that you want to convert into a video, click on “Select File” and after it, the option, “Export.” Click the option “Create a video.”

Choose the quality of your choice for the video. There are different video qualities, and the higher the quality, the larger the file size.

However, Full HD is most recommended. It has a large file size and full high quality of 1920 x 1080 which is ideal.

You have the option of using recorded timings and narration or not using it.

You can choose a default time to be spent on each slide.

That is, if you have 10 slides, you may choose to have 10 seconds spent on each slide, depending on your goals and the kind of audience you have.

When you’re through with the edits you want to make, select “Create Video” enter the file name, and browse through your files for a file location to save the video.

You should also choose the format you want to save it with, but MPEG-4 is most compatible with all video players. It is recommended.

Select “Save” to save the video and then wait. When your Windows or Mac OS shows “Complete” you can now see your video.

Video Converter Programs

However, there is an alternative. If you’d choose a higher quality aside from Full HD, you can use Google photos to resize your video.

There is an effective hack to it, and it will help resize any other video, presentation or not, for uploading online.

After the video creation, if you’d like to create a powerful intro into the presentation, you should consider using intro apps that will captivate your YouTube audience.

Have you thought about converting your presentation into a disc?

You can do it too, but using a DVD is no longer advisable.

This is because DVD has been in a constant decline in recent years, and it has given way to Video Object (VOB).

If you don’t know about VOB, you can get the app here and follow the simple steps to convert your video and get them playing on Windows or Mac OS.


When you are done with your video, you can either email the presentation to other people or save it and share it on platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

Since we’re focusing on YouTube, you can publish it on YouTube by using the app or your browser.

All you need to do is to enter your YouTube account details and publish the video.

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