WonderFox is an 11-year-old company that specializes in various software for DVD and Video converters.

In 2021, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wireless adapters have taken over the world with support from different hardware manufacturers. But if you are an old horse like me using a PC or laptop, you still can’t forget the old days of using CD/DVD.

Why require Wonderfox DVD Video Converter?

In 2000, when flash drives are new, Windows users still used DVD technology. People used to have a video camera to shoot weddings, party and birthdays. Nowadays, mobile users can quickly shoot with their phone camera.

If you had an old marriage DVD that is copyrighted, it’s still hard to copy your Windows 10 computer. You cannot directly copy like other files. It can be your parents or relatives.

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It would help if you had a DVD ripping software like Wonderfox DVD Video Converter.

It copies the DVD’s content to your hard disk and converts it to your familiar format like MP4. Generally, copyright DVDs are written in VOB or DAT files unsupported by many media players in 2021.

Also, for playing on smart devices like HD digital devices, you need the latest format. In such cases, you need to convert the old video format to the latest one.

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WonderFox DVD Video Converter – Review

It will simplify your life by ripping DVD and converting video in one go. Once you purchase the full version, the conversion speed also increases 10x to fold 50x. You can do this for all your old DVDs. In addition, if there is a scratch or problem while playing the DVD, it can convert those unconvertible.

features of wonderfox video converter

The following are some of the essential features.

  1. Total solution to rip all kinds of DVD movies and TV shows by chapters to your PC.
  2. Convert them to the latest format of intelligent TVs.
  3. Convert them to iPhone, iPad and Android phone formats.
  4. It supports 1080p complete HD conversion.
  5. Download stable, flexible and super-fast online videos using url.
  6. Save time in ripping DVDs and converting them.
  7. Rip DVD and digitize them for more accessible backup.
  8. Playback on multiple devices.
  9. Convert Video/Audio files between 500+ formats and devices.
  10. Download Online Videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook and other 300 sites.
  11. Built-in video editor helps fine-tune the output files.
  12. Use hardware acceleration to encode videos 50 times faster.
  13. Use of latest Nvidia NVENC and Intel QSV acceleration technologies.
  14. Support both PAL and NTSC standards.

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System Requirements


About Wonderfox DVD Video Converter

My Experience

I felt the download was rapid. Using a 60Mbps connection, I could download it within seconds. Installation was a breeze.

I had the advantage of testing this tool using a temporary code provided by the software vendor. Enter the product license, and you are good to go. The permanent permit has more features.

The startup screen was a little annoying for each conversion. However, on open, the steps were straightforward.

  1. Load DVD from the drop-down after insertion – Select the media source.
  2. Leave the default output format or select the required one.
  3. Click the “Run” button for conversion.

wonderfox dvd video conversion process

For a 720P resolution and 55minutes VOB format video recorded in 2013, it took only 20 minutes to rip, convert and save to disk. It was pretty fast with the temporary license. If I had the permanent support, it would pull much quicker.

In essence, the whole process went smooth with good quality video and audio. The amazing thing was the quality of the video and the simplicity of the conversion process. I tried to convert using a USB DVD writer, and it worked as smoothly as the old one.

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