Google Photos – How to Share Library with Partner (Single User)

Google Photos is a web and mobile app that can store pictures and videos of your family. To use this application Google account required.

A shared library is part of this app. Shared photos are visible on other Google account holders.

Filter the photos you want to share. The AI engine of Google Photos categorizes face groups.

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You can always download all your photos. Shared libraries require Google account.

Partner’s photos are visible in your account. The menu will contain all the options.

iPhone can also have this app. You can share the entire library.

How Google Photos Sharing with Partner Works ?

Partner’s photos are visible like any other picture. Some options disabled. You may not see the date of the image.

Your partner can see the new photos. You can also do link sharing with other family members. Settings, partner sharing are effortless. The date range gives easy recognition of your photos.

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If you have removed your partner, then he/she will not be able to see the photos.

My account details as an example. The original copy will still exist in your library.

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On Android, you can add the account. You can then upload the photos using the backup & sync feature.

Google Photos and Family Sharing

We have several members in our family and neighborhood.

It includes parents, kids, relatives, and friends. Your Google account is personal. Google Photos in your account also will be private. Nobody can have access to them.

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Each member of your family needs a Google account to share their private photos and videos in Google Photos.

But what if you decide to share your pics and videos with members of your family?

You should not give sensitive information like your Google account details to kids and parents. It is for security reasons. Google provides different access options to Google Photos to share with your family members in such a case.

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You can share with only one person all the data in your Google Photos account.

How to add Partner Account on Desktop?

1.     Open in your Chrome or browser. Sign in to your Google Account or Gmail.

2.     On the left side, click on Utilities.

google photos utilities on the left side

3.     Add partner account is visible on the right pane.

4.     Click Get Started.

get started add partner account google photos

5.     Enter the partner’s Google account email id or select from the list of contacts.

6.     Click on Next and select the All photos option.

7.     Other options are

a.     Photos of specific people

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b.     Only show photos since this day

8.     Click on Send Invitation. Your son or father has to accept that request.

That’s it. Your family member’s Google account can now see your photos.

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How to Add Partner Account on Android?

The same steps prevail in your Redmi or any other Android mobile.

1.     Open your Google Photos app and tap on the account profile photo of your Google account.

(Note: I hope you have already have added your Google account to your Android phone).

2.     Tap on Photos Settings.

3.     On the next screen, tap Sharing > Partner Sharing.

4.     Tap on getting Started.

5.     Select your partner from the contacts list or type the email of your account.

6.     The same options on the desktop are available here. Tap on Next.

7.     Tap on Send Invitation.

The other family member has to accept the partner sharing invitation to see the photos and videos.

How to share Google Photos library with multiple users?

No, it is not possible. You need to remove the current partner account and then add another charge as a partner.

But adding multiple users to the same tab to all your photos and videos is not an option.

Google Photos allows only one person to share your library incomplete. On the other hand, you can create several albums from your existing photos and share them with multiple family members.

Alternative Method

The only other alternative to adding multiple users to your Google Photos account is to subscribe to the Google One plan.

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Here, you can add additional 5 family members to your account. So all of them can share all the photos or specific pictures.


Even though you share your Photos library with your partner or kid, they cannot search through any photo or face.

Some features like selected face groups are not available in the shared option. Instead, they have to save all the images to their account before using them as their own.

Also, if the other person does not accept your invitation, he will not see your photos. With images shared, creation of albums may not be possible. Privileged access limited.

Once they start saving the photos, their account storage will exceed the limited 15GB storage. Any images exceeding this limit will curtail. No photos will back up.  

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