In the latest 21H1 update of Windows 10, Microsoft has released a new feature called News and Interests Widget.

It sits in the Taskbar at the bottom right-hand corner, beside the system tray icons. 

To show icon of widget install the new cumulative preview update of KB5003214 on your computer. It is enabled by default.

You can either click or hover over the Taskbar widget. Select the weather card to see its complete details

Individual users can see the content. To show icon of weather you need not do anything. 

Build 21286 was one of the first developer insider builds in which the news and interests widget appeared first.

The feature update of 21H1 does not have this feature.

Only after the installation of the KB5003214 update can you see this widget in stable builds.

Edge browser has all the standard features of MSN news and information cards. 

MSN Feed & News and Interests

Make sure you connect to your Microsoft account on your News and Interests widget using the three horizontal dots at the top.

The connected account can be seen when you have linked both.

news and interests microsoft account
Microsoft Account is Connected

msn personal feed microsoft account
Microsoft Account of MSN Feed

You can see current weather and weather forecasts with this information card. Quick access is given on the Taskbar.

Windows Insiders will get further updates. Blank space beside the up arrow indicates that the widget is not installed.  

You can change the weather location automatically or manually. Taskbar updates can be done using the refresh icon at the top.   

news and interests widget weather card
News and Interests widget with Information Cards

You can still find the default Microsoft News app in the Start Menu, which has the weather widget. In the coming months, this KB update will be rolled out to all Windows 10 users.  

Easy access to the weather card. To store the location, enter your city and click on the Save button.   

How to HIDE Weather card in News and Interests Widget

The following rules apply to any INFORMATION CARD in this section.

1. Click the three horizontal dots on the top-right corner of the Weather card.

2. There are 3 options – Edit location, Hide weather card, More Settings.

3. Click on the Hide weather card option to not display this item.

hide weather card windows 10
Weather Card Settings

4. It will disappear from the News and Interests widget.

5. But, it still shows in the Taskbar.

6. You need to restart the computer to make sure it is gone.

How to Turn On Weather Card in News and Interests Widget

1. Click on Manage Interests at the top of the News and Interests widget. You can see a pencil icon.

2. It will open the MSN personalized settings page for your Microsoft account.

3. Click the Experience Settings tab.

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4. Toggle the switch to ON of Show Weather card in my feed.

turn on weather card msn feed
Toggle Weather Card to ON

5. It will turn blue. Your default card will be back.

6. If necessary, restart the computer.

How to Change Location

By default, it will show the temperature, its symbol, and precipitation level on the Taskbar. Click on the three dots on the top of the card for more options.

1. Edit location – There are two options here. Either you can enable the location setting in your Windows 10 computer. Or enter the name of your place or city in the search box. Probably zip code will also work fine in the next windows update. Click on Save.

edit location weather card
Search for location for Weather Card

2. More Settings – This will open the Experience Settings in the MSN feed in your default browser. You can toggle the weather card to OFF if not required.

Click on See full forecast to see the complete weather information in the browser.

What you can do more

The following details are shown –

weather card more details news and interests widget
Weather card more details

1. Location – City, State

2. Updated Time in the local zone.

3. Feels like temperature – This is different from the recorded one. For example, today’s temperature at my place was 32 degrees but felt like 44 degrees Centigrade.

4. Other metrics like – Wind, Visibility, Humidity, Pressure, Dew Point, Air quality, People affected, and Outdoor activities.

5. Daily Summary – It will mention the ten-day forecast.

6. Hourly – It will give the details of weather conditions, temperature, and precipitation for the next 15 hours.

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7. Click on Details for further technical information.

8. Under alerts, click on the alert to know more about it.

9. Click on yellow button in top left to get a detailed forecast based on the weather condition of the day.

10. The weather forecast will be updated at every minute.

Weather forecast in browser tab.

Weather information across web pages – It will give all the details about the above parameters.

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