How to Recover Password if Locked Out of Laptop/Computer in Windows?

Forgetting a password is nothing new. This is a very common mishap that happens to a lot of people, regularly.

So, if you are rampaging through the internet, asking ‘I forgot my laptop/computer password’, you can stop now.

It is pretty simple to reset the password on a Windows computer. If you want further details, then check out the article below. 

Method 1: Using Software to Recover Laptop/Computer Password in Windows

The best and most effective method of Windows password recovery involves using a professional password recovery software.

This may come as a surprise to most people as Microsoft has several measures that can help you in password recovery. Still, the best method involves using a 3rd party tool.

There are several tools available on the market with similar capabilities but Windows Password Reset provides the most efficient way of password recovery with one of the highest recovery rates. It is easy to use and equipped with state-of-the-art advanced functions that complement its wide popularity.

  • You will be able to Reset the password for the local user, Microsoft account, and domain administrator user.
  • Both the local administrator and standard user password of all the versions of Windows OS can be reset
  • You can even reset the domain administrator password for the Windows Server version from 2000 to 2016.
  • You can easily reset the password for the Microsoft account on Windows 8/8.1 and the latest Windows 10.
  • You can also create a new Admin account without even logging in.
  • You can also delete a user account without logging in.

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While, we are sure that it is capable of effectively executing these functions; still, the proper function is not enough for the users. The tool has to be convenient and the interface has to be none less, user-friendly.

This software truly excels in both of the criteria. Operation is convenient, we will show you how to reset password on hp laptop as an example below, be sure to check it out.

Step#1: As you are unable to access your HP laptop, you need access to a different computer. Setup it on that computer.

Step#2: After that, launch it to create a Windows Password Reset disk. First, select the media. Your options are CD/DVD or USB. Select USB.

Choose A Media Type

Step#3: Then, connect an operational USB drive to the computer and click on the ‘Burn to USB’ button to begin the operation.

Connect A Usb Drive

Step#4: After the USB has been burned successfully, you will be notified and disconnect it from the computer, safely.

Step#5: Now, go back to your locked HP computer and connect the said USB drive.

Step#6: Access the Boot menu of the said computer and make it boot from the USB drive.

Step#7: After the program window appears on the screen, select the Windows system you are using and then select a user.

Step#8: After that, click on ‘Reset’

After the password has been reset successfully, click on the ‘Reboot’ button below, then click ‘Yes’ to proceed.

Method 2: Using Password Reset Disk to Recover Laptop/Computer Password in Windows

If you are locked out of your computer, then having a password reset disk will surely come in very handy.

So, after typing the incorrect password, when you get the message ‘The Password is Incorrect. Try Again’; click OK. After that, connect the USB device containing the password reset disk.

You will be back to the Sign-in screen and click on the Reset Password link. The Password Reset Wizard will be launched. Now, use the following steps to reset the password of your computer.

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Step#1: On the Password Reset Wizard, click Next.

Windows Password Reset Wizard

Step#2: After that, you will have to select the drive containing the System files. Select the device and click ‘Next’.

Drive Containing The System Files

Step#3: Now, you need to type a new password for your user account. First, type the new password and then confirm it. After that, you need to type the hint that will help you to remind the new password in the future, if you ever forget it. When you are done, click Next.

New Password With A Hint

Step#4: If everything went accordingly and the password has been reset successfully, click ‘Finish’.

Finish The Procedure

Exit the Password Reset Wizard and reboot the computer. Disconnect the USB drive and you will be able to login into your user account using the new password.

Method 3: Using Hidden Admin Account to Recover Laptop/Computer Password in Windows

The hidden Admin account is an efficient method for laptop password recovery if the device is running on Windows 7.

The hidden Admin account is a default function on Windows 7 but it is not available on more advanced versions of Windows OS.

So, if you want to recover the password for your laptop/computer and you are operating using Windows 7 OS; then the hidden admin account method would be very effective. But this account isn’t visible when you are using the OS in the usual way. There are specific steps are involved, check them out.

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Step#1: Restart your laptop and start hitting the F8 key, repeatedly.

Step#2: On the screen, a menu will appear. Select the Safe Mode option.

Step#3: Type, Administrator in the Username and you must leave the password box empty.

Step#4: You will be able to log in to Safe Mode.

Step#5: Now, you must navigate to the Control Panel and click on the User Accounts.

Step#6: Now, select the account whose password you need to reset and change the password.

Once, you have successfully changed the password; restart the computer. Now, you will be able to access the laptop using the new password.


Therefore, multiple ways are available to reset the password of a Windows Operating System. But using a professional 3rd party tool is the most effective way to do it as there are limitations in the official methods.

The other methods we have discussed in the article are excellent of course. But the hidden Admin account method will only work for Windows 7, not the later versions. The reset password disk is also good but statistically, most people don’t carry a Windows password reset disk with them.

Most people don’t even what it is. So, it is always better to have a fix that works on all the versions and can be executed easily. So, the Windows Password Reset tool is the most effective and logical option.

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