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I have been using Excel for managing a client’s database without any issues for a while now, until recently, when attempting to open an Excel file resulted in an error message “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.

Excel File Is Corrupt Error

Figure 1 – Microsoft Excel Error ‘The file is corrupt and cannot be opened’

I started looking for solutions to regain access to the file.

Many users have reported that they have resolved the issue by disabling protected view options.

Simultaneously, a few suggested manually setting component security services settings to its default settings would help fix the error.

Unfortunately, none of these solutions worked for me, and I panicked, fearing that I’ll lose the client’s data.

So, I started searching for a 3rd-party Excel repair tool and came across Stellar Repair for Excel.


This Excel file repair tool claims to rebuild Excel files (XLSX or XLS) at granular level with all its data intact. Here are a few other features that the software offers:

  • Repair severely corrupted, large-sized Excel file.
  • Recover all objects, like embedded functions, images, charts, engineering formulas, numbers, group and subtotal, rules, etc.
  • Preserve the Excel spreadsheet properties and cell formatting.
  • Can repair multiple XLS or XLSX files in a single process.
  • Handle all types of Excel file corruption errors, like ‘Excel found unreadable content in name.xls,’ ‘file name is not valid,’ ‘Excel cannot open the file filename.xlsx,’ etc.

I downloaded the software’s *demo version to determine if it did what it claims.

*NOTE: Stellar Repair for Excel software demo version helps scan and preview all the recoverable Excel data. However, it requires activation to save the recoverable file.

How to Repair Corrupt Excel File in 2021

I launched Excel repair software and its main interface window opened with a ‘Select File’ dialog box. All I had to do is locate and upload my corrupt Excel file.

Stellar Repair For

NOTE: You can use the ‘Find File’ option if you’re unaware of your Excel file location.

After uploading the file, I clicked the ‘Repair‘ button and waited for the repair process to complete.

Stellar Repair For Excel Log Report

The repair process completed in just a few minutes, and the software displayed a preview of my Excel file components – the pivot table, table properties, cell values, etc.

Excel Repair Process Completed

Once I was able to view my Excel spreadsheet data, I purchased the software’s licensed version to save the repaired Excel file and all its recoverable data.

After activating the licensed version, I clicked the ‘Save File’ button on File menu. This opened a ‘Save File’ window with options to save the repaired file at a default location or new location.

Save Repaired Excel File

After selecting the location to save the repaired file, I clicked OK and the Excel file got saved at the specified location.

My Overall Experience

I am glad that I made the right decision about using Stellar Repair for Excel software.

It’s an effective utility with a simple-to-use interface that makes repairing the Excel file a hassle-free process.

In just a few clicks, I was able to repair the corrupt Excel file and restore it to its original specifications.

Another significant aspect is that you can download the Excel repair software’s demo version to preview your data before saving it.

I would recommend the software to any user searching for a quick and effective solution to repair and restore corrupt Excel files.

Stellar Repair for Excel Rating (on a scale of 1 – 5):

Parameters Rating Review
Download & Installation 5 It takes just a few minutes to download & install the Excel repair software.
Ease-of-Use 5 Simple-to-use and straightforward GUI can be easily operated by any user without technical assistance.
Features & Functionality 5 Stellar Repair for Excel offers all the necessary features to repair a corrupt Excel file and recover its data.
Technical Support 5 The technical support team is available 24*5 to respond to user queries.


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