How To Stop Skype Upgrade and Continue Using Windows Live Messenger?

April has come to an end. By now you should have upgraded your Windows Live Messenger to Skype. Why am I saying this ? This is because, according to Microsoft, starting from April 8th ( which is already over), Messenger clients will receive messages that will upgrade them to Skype clients. By the end of April, this should be complete.

Now May has started. So are you still using Windows Live Messenger? You don’t want to move to Skype! Right! Then the alternative is to use this little piece of software called “Messenger Reviver” to stay on. Until when? Only till Microsoft supports Messenger on its servers!

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Why Skype Users want to revert back to Windows Live Messenger ?

These are some of the drawbacks of Skype compared to Windows Live Messenger. According to comments on this post on Gizmodo, people who have upgraded to Skype already have their part to say.

@ GuiBou 

I already miss the option to BLOCK someone…can’t block spam accounts yet 🙁 I mean…Messenger contacts from Skype. Someone else experiencing this ?

@ jm5001

I’m dealing with that as well. As soon as I logged into MSN on Skype, I was accosted by 30 or so cambots that I couldn’t block. I tried deleting them, but as soon as I logged back in, they just came back. MSN Messenger wouldn’t have even let these messages through, but apparently Skype is a spam free-for-all.

I’m REAL confident in Skype’s ability to replace MSN.

@ DrededT

I totally agree. Where are the email notifications? only getting notifications of sign of select people, signing out temporarily of facebook, and other networks….

@ HumbleBee

It’s terribad. I’ve been using Skype for a few weeks and Live is way better for ‘messenging’ your friends.

As you can observe many users just want to stay with the previous IM client of Microsoft.

How to Skip Skype Upgrade and Remain on Windows Live Messenger?

The good news is that, for some regions, Redmond is keeping the Messenger service alive and its servers running, backing them.  So from April 8th onwards, whenever you try to login to Windows Live Messenger with your Microsoft account you receive the following upgrade message.

windows_live_messenger_to_skype_upgrade_messageNow the only option is either to upgrade or stop using it.

Download Messenger Reviver

Using the software from the above link, you can continue using Windows Live Messenger for unknown time. Messenger Reviver automatically patches the Windows Live Messenger files for versions 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 in order to bypass the upgrade dialog.

Once you download and install the software, it is very simple to use it. If prompted by Windows UAC, allow it to use the software. There are no settings or options to tinker with.

Start “Messenger Reviver” from your Start Menu or Start Screen in Windows 8. If Windows Live Essentials is not on your computer, it installs from the internet. Otherwise it just modifies the existing files of Live Essentials to skip the Skype Upgrade message.

There is another alternative. If Live Essentials already exists on your computer and you want to do a clean install, there is an “Advanced” button on this software opening screen.

Messegner-Reviver-2There are also two more options.  ‘Patch Messenger’ or ‘Do a repair Messenger install’. After the preferred method is selected, click the “Start” button and relax. Messenger Reviver 2 installs, modifies or repair the appropriate files based on your selection.

Once done, launch Windows Live Messenger and you can continue using it as usual.


Since Microsoft is still supporting Live services in some regions this hack is available to continue using Windows Live Messenger. So we cannot give guarantee up to what time this tweak will work. Messenger Reviver 2 works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported.

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