9 Intro Maker Tools for Making Amazing YouTube Videos

The consumption of video-based content has shown unprecedented growth in 2020.

The pandemic caused due to COVID-19 has played a big role in this unexpected hike in demand for video-based content.

However, this huge demand has flooded the video content space, and brands are fighting cut-throat for audience attention.

Digital marketers are consistently juggling through multiple strategies to lure viewers.

If you, too, are searching for an easy way to make eye-catching videos, your quest ends here.

In this blog, we will discuss top intro makers, tips, and tricks to make stellar YouTube videos.

Knowing more can help you with making ultimate Youtube videos. 

1. VideoCreek

With more than 5 million videos created till now, VideoCreek is one of the most sought after intro creators available out there.

It offers a vast library of templates that are easily customizable with options to modify the lighting, speed, and animation.

There is a lot to VideoCreek than just making intros.

It can serve as a fully-featured video editor and outro maker as well.

By clicking here you can get hands on these video makers.

The price of the template is quite high, and you will have to upgrade to redeem special features.

The free version supports only SD quality and comes with a watermark. Besides, the UI is a bit cluttered as well. 

  1. IntroCave

The USP of IntroCave is a feature that allows you to interweave your content to any video from their library, which can be downloaded afterward.

It is quite easy to use.

It comes bundled with a number of particle effects to enhance the overall quality of the video.

The quality of edited videos is awesome, however, the HD resolution is paywalled.

IntroCave is quite popular, which means that there is a probability that someone out there uses the same template you are using in your videos.

The free version comes with a watermark. Another disadvantage is the limited payment option. It only supports payment through PayPal. 

  1. IntroChamp

Although IntroChamp is fully paywalled, the template library is pretty rich and extensive and comprises more than 300 options to choose from.

The good thing is that most of the templates are only priced at $4.98.

Editing in IntroChamp is fairly simple, and intros can be produced in about five minutes.

However, it offers limited options for customization. The quality of each template is not that great. And there is no direct “upload to YouTube” option.

4. Intro Maker:

Although the software is lesser-known, it is pretty simple and smooth to use.

The best thing about Intro Maker is its exclusivity, i.e., it is solely developed for making intros using your logo.

It supports full HD quality videos at 1920x1080px resolution.

It is the best platform if you are planning to make simple intros in HD quality.

There is some bane of it as well, i.e., customizations are limited.

The number of free videos in the catalog is also small, and you will have to pay $5/template. A few other drawbacks include no 3D capability limited video format support. 

5. Filmora

It is like the Ferrari of intro creators who come bundled with capabilities like video editing and animation-creating studio.

It offers a feature-rich library of templates, images, clips, and transitions.

Filmora also has its mobile app so that you can edit videos on the go.

Filmora has a monthly subscription model, and in-app purchases can range from $30 to $300.

Another big drawback is the complexity of the application. Being an amateur and to effectively use the features of the app, you will have to spend quite some time. 

  1. FlixPress

With over 7 million registered users, FlixPress is one of the go-to apps for a number of video editors.

It is also an ideal platform for SMBs. The plans and pricing are quite affordable and flexible.

It offers both a subscription-based model or pays as you go option. It is fairly simple to use and is one of the oldest video-making platforms available to date.

There are some drawbacks to it as well.

FlixPress is often viewed as a platform focused on business users. The features and animations available of FlixPress are very professional looking. If you truly want to leverage it, you will have to pay. 

7. Promo

It is one of the easy YouTube Intro makers with several tools. Promo can be used to create social media, e-commerce, industry based and marketing intro videos. No design experience is required for editing facebook, instagram and youtube videos.

Intro and Outro clips can be developed within minutes. YouTube ads and business videos can also be created. Templates make it easy to choose the background and music. It is more convenient to add effects without touching intricate details.

Some good tools are also available with this subscription. Video makes and Video Editor are one of its major benefits. If you want short content you can also create GIFs. Collage Maker for selfies is a good feature.

8. Wideo

It claims to be the simplest intro video creator tool available in the market.

It is a great tool if you are looking for simple cartoon animation videos.

Making animated videos with Wideo is pretty simple. It also offers a free trial for 7-days so that you can decide whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

In fact, the platform is not so simple and requires a lot of documents for the features available in it. Another complication with Wideo is that it’s a simple animated video making tool with no extra features. 

9. Introbrand

Although it is quite similar to most of the apps discussed above, it is more dedicated to logo animations and video intros for marketing.

The template library is quite extensive and designed by professionals. There is no monthly or yearly subscription-based model in Introbrand, and video previews are free.

The customizations are also easy to use. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay for exporting the videos.


Lastly, any survey or report available on the internet can equivocally state that video consumption is on an all-time high right now.

Videos are a key element of marketing, especially if you include social media in your digital campaigning.

For videos, the first 10 seconds are the most crucial ones as it will decide whether the viewer will watch the video till the end or not.

These intro video creators discussed above are well-equipped to give you a head start and will ensure that your audience remains hooked with the video.

With smart and creative intros, you can lure the audiences’ attention for sure. The only thing that you have to focus on afterward is the quality of your content.

Try to mix and match various strategies and leverage analytics for better audience traction. Happy marketing! 

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