Mac is a sophisticated piece of gadgetry that oozes class, sophistication and imperial conduct, there is no denying the fact.

At the same time, it is immensely incompatible with most basic utilities for operation.

Not every utility or app is compatible with Mac and that becomes a serious disadvantage.

Faxes, for instance, are an operational utility that offer a lot of ease in business communications. Fax machines might have gone redundant but faxes were, are and will be relevant despite the advancement in technology.

If you search about how to fax from mac on the internet, you will find many alternatives claiming a lot that they actually offer. Such alternatives are primary sources of phishing tools and malware that have the potential of seriously hampering your mac’s security.

The remote faxing solutions rendered by Google Fax Free website will leave you flabbergasted with the ease it offers. CocoFax has time and again been an undebatable leader in virtual faxing abilities. Its compatibility with Mac makes it further a very desirable faxing alternative.

Fax machines might have gone redundant but faxes were one of the most important means of company communications. The popularity of fax machines gave rise to several software to help sending faxes on Mac. This blog will help outline some of the best Mac fax apps in the market.

Google Fax Free- CocoFax, the leading Fax App 2022

2022 has taught us many important lessons with respect to business and functioning. It has also taught us how remote working and flexibility must be a phenomenon exercised at the workplace. When it comes to faxes, sticking to the old fax machine has been a completely ruled out procedure.

Pain: Online faxing reduces your productivity by creating extra work for you and increasing the chances of missing important faxes.

Agitate: Getting a fax can be a long drawn out process. You will have to click on the print icon, change the paper and click print again. Then if you want to use the same document for faxing, you will have to take the print out and attach it to the document once more.

Solution: If you are looking for a fast and easy way to send a fax, Fax Zero is the best free fax app for mac. It allows you to send faxes directly from your Macbook to any fax number in the world within minutes.

With a modern gadget like Mac, being chained to the fax machine doesn’t even aesthetically go well. Therefore, CocoFax turns out to be a beautiful and virtual solution for sending out faxes. The compatibility with Mac is an added advantage to its core functioning.

Why Cocofax is better than online faxing apps

CocoFax is differently better than other online faxing apps. Even its most basic functions rendered are better than prime functions of other virtual faxing apps. The increased usage of CocoFax in 2022 amounts to the fact that corporations have realized that remote is always the best way to go.

There are many things that make CocoFax better and a few functions like below can be considered better than other apps”.

I had been looking for a solution that would allow me to send faxes from my Mac and CocoFax is the answer. With its seamless integration with your Mac’s Address Book, it’s easy to send faxes directly from your Mac.

I also like how it lets you create fax templates and store frequently used addresses and envelope locations. In fact, even its most basic functions rendered are better than prime functions of other virtual faxing apps.


CocoFax has multiple modes of usage. It can be used on varied platforms that possess internet compatibility. As the software works on Mac as well, it is a corroborative proof that will be compatible with almost any system.

Be it accessibility through web browser, android app, iPhone, any newer or old softwares, emails (corporate or personal) or plain Microsoft Word, the potential is immense. When so many options are presented to the sender, it becomes so easy to send a fax.


You can’t just trust any random virtual faxing application with critical official documents. There needs to be a long lasting reputation and user-wise standing of the app. CocoFax has the trust and a patronage of a large corporate base.

This gives a sense of security and reliability of conduct, especially with regard to sending out critically official messages. There have been a lot of information leakages lately and curbing them through online faxing is a war half won already!

30 day Free Trial

Not many online faxing apps offer a free trial, let alone a 30 day free trial. The ones who do have an endless list of verifications and feedback that can waste your time and bandwidth. CocoFax offers an amazing free 30 day trial.

This period is good enough for ensuring your compatibility with the web-browser and application. It also will give you a clear picture of the deliverable. Further, it also allots a free fax number.

Delivery Notification

CocoFax ensures that the users get a delivery notification every time a fax has been delivered or failed to be delivered. While CocoFax ensures immediate sending of fax, the only time it does not is when the fax number is incorrect or the recipient’s machine is turned off.

Using Cocofax to Fax through Mac

There are two prime ways of faxing by virtue of CocoFax through Mac. You can directly access the Web Browser of CocoFax and function from there itself. Safari (the built in web browser for Mac) can be used to access the Cocofax web browser.

As a second alternative, you can use the email methodology of sending faxes through CocoFax. You can use at the end of the recipient fax number and the fax will be delivered to the said fax number almost immediately.

Whatever method you tend to use, Web browser, email, google drive, to send and receive faxes, CocoFax will make convenience as the end result. It is so dynamic, just like the Mac. is a personal computer, laptop and desktop centric mode of sending out faxes remotely. It is bottlenecked because of its inability to function in as many varied modes as CocoFax. It also has a good amount of corporate clientele.


RingCentral is another coveted option used by corporates for exchange of faxes. The platform offers reliable and secure faxing services. It has a web browser that can be used to send and receive faxes. It enjoys a good enough patronage.


How to Send free Fax from Gmail?

Gmail offers a free internet fax service to its users. Faxing a document couldn’t be made any easier with the new free service. To start, firstly you need to send the document that you want to fax as an attachment. Next, when the recipient’s fax machine receives the document, they will be able to view it, download it in PDF format, and print it as well. If you have a Gmail account, you can start sending a fax in just a few clicks.

How to send free fax from Android?

In terms of Transmission. There are three options available.  One is Google Voice, which uses data.  Another is a paid app called HelloFax, which uses data.  And finally, there is the paid app Fax Anywhere, which uses Wi-Fi.  Since you need it to be a free tool, I would recommend Fax Anywhere.  So, there you have it.  Just download the app from Google Play, install it, and you’re good to go.  They even have an app for iPhone and iPad.

How to send free fax from iPhone?

There are many apps for sending free fax from iPhone, one of my favorite one is Fax from phone from iPhone. It is a free app, you only need to enter information, like recipient, your number, and your fax, you can send it to the recipient. You can visit the iTunes to get the information of this app.

What is the best fax app for iPhone?

iFax is the best fax app to send and receive faxes on the go. It’s quick & easy. If you are in a middle of an important meeting, you can simply send a fax from your device. No more waiting until you get back to your office to print and fax your document. Download iFax from the App Store. iFax also gives you the flexibility of sharing your fax documents with anyone, even if they do not have an iPhone or iPod touch. This allows you to get your fax documents from anywhere, even from another iPhone or iPad.

Can i fax from my Mac without a phone line?

Yes, you can if you have a modem. Macs with modems can send files over the phone network and receive files by fax. Open Apple Menu > System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and select the printer you would like to send faxes with. Select the Fax option under the printer’s driver menu. You can configure your modem to receive faxes by opening System Preferences > Modem and selecting the modem you would like to receive faxes with. Note that a phone line is not required to send or receive faxes with a modem.


Mac is a futuristic machine and online faxing service is the best suited answer for how to fax from mac. There is no other virtual fax exchange as efficient and dynamic as CocoFax. The platform is an epitome of perfection and is rather rapid in fax exchange.

The reputation enjoyed by Google Fax Free, when combined with the efficiency of CocoFax brings out the most fruitful results. Fax services are sought by many corporations because of the criticality of business information.

Leakages of important information occur quite often. With a stern competition in the industry and an attempt to create a competitive advantage, businesses try to ensure an all inclusive communication strategy. Fax offers that flexibility and desirability.

Many State Institutions prefer fax as the most secured form of communication. It is important to address the requirement of a solid faxing solution with a platform as amazing as CocoFax. Have you seen a more compatible faxing solution for Mac?

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