Top 5 Education Windows 10 Apps to Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing is an important part of our lives.

Whether we type an e-mail, write a letter to a friend, or complete a school assignment, writing is an essential part of the work.

Without possessing strong writing skills, you will be unable to properly communicate with people with whom you cannot verbally speak to.

And since this pandemic has changed things in the ways we communicate, writing becomes more important than ever.


Now we need to be able to express how we feel in writing and convey that message to the receptor.

Even if writing is not your favorite activity in the world, you should put some time into developing these skills, especially now. This article will provide five of the best Windows 10 apps to help improve your writing skills.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps you correct grammar mistakes and writing errors.

More than that, this helpful tool for Windows 10 also offers writing suggestions that help your skills improve quickly but steadily.

Students who are not entirely comfortable with their writing efficiency often try this essay editing service to get a better gist of what they must improve and thus, get better grades.

Grammarly will help you out with punctuation, writing clarity, content conciseness and briefness, readability, and spelling, which can be quite useful for those of you who still have improvements to make.

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The more you get corrected on your mistakes, the faster you learn what to do and not do, meaning the faster you progress.



Another way to improve your skills is to write consistently in order to get experience.

Practicing allows you to progress quickly because it ensures that you are constantly exposed to this activity.

You don’t have to write about something too heavy or that you don’t like – you can write about anything that interests you.

The first thing that you could do is open up a blog page on WordPress and write about anything that comes into your mind. Simply lay down your ideas on this digital paper to see what comes out. This is great practice for both your writing skills and mental health.


It has been proven that writing down your thoughts in a journal (or a page that resembles a journal such as a blog) can help release stress and anxiety and give you a better idea of what you might need.


  1. AbiWord

This tool for Windows will help you process words in the same way that Microsoft Word does.

It is a distraction-free app that is simple, concise, and offers you exactly what you need.

You can write endlessly here and never get bored! Besides the word processing system, AbiWord offers grammar and error checking, auto-saving, and spelling correction tools.

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You could use it to write blog posts or various articles for your school magazine, whatever you are interested in. The reason we recommend it is for its simplicity, which keeps you focused and doesn’t allow for distractions.


  1. 750 Words

This app is useful in helping you develop a writing habit.

750 Words will help you stay committed to the process and your goals and dedicate yourself to writing each day.

Imagine an online gym app that keeps you motivated to work out – 750 Words works in the exact same way.

It rewards you for completing your daily writing assignments (3 pages = 750 words) and sums up your “wins” at the end of the month, showing you how much you’ve improved over time.

This is a great app to make use of if you like writing but you’re lazy at setting goals and keeping up with it. If you are looking for an app to keep you going, this is the one for you.

And get this – while you’re doing this daily practice, you might actually learn about yourself in the process, like how fast you type or how often you get distracted.


  1. Google Docs

Another great app to help you stay on track of your writing is Google Docs. It provides you a helpful platform for writing freely but also for saving your content without worries or automatically. You can also share your text with other writers, editors, or professors to have them check your work. The app is super simple to use, and it has a word count, making the whole writing process easier than ever. You could set up project goals and have friends check them out in a split second!

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Writing is essential for every single one of us, so using these tools wisely will help you improve your skills. Make sure that you download the apps for Windows for better quality and enjoy the process!

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