Top 4 Technology trends in Web Development

Perhaps the hardest thing to imagine is a more competitive niche than a digital business.

It is impossible to calculate the exact number of websites, but statistics agree that as of January 2020 there were about 1.74 billion websites in the world.

This figure may make you dizzy, but do not despair right away, since only about 400 million of them are now active.

It is not that many as 1.7 billion, but the figure is still impressive.

Of course, there are niches with great competition, and there are those with more fresh air.

However, today it’s hard to imagine a product that will not compete with already created solutions.

And even if such a unique product was created, it will face new competitors in a very short period of time.

Young entrepreneurs will run to launch MVP web design and development processes, in an attempt to take up free space in a new niche as quickly as possible.

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Fighting such competition is difficult, and it is real science.

However, one of the most proven ways to stay afloat and stand out among competitors remains a careful study of all trends, with the introduction of new technological solutions and paradigms.


The general trend to increase the share of high technologies like VP, AR, or AI in our everyday life is obvious. Let’s talk about what other trends are already rocking in 2020 and will flow into 2021.

Single Page Platforms

Much has already been said about the fact that the speed of the website loading was one of the highest priority issues for both web resource owners and search engines.

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Today and in the future, companies will strive to get rid of multi-page platforms where every click on any element forces the server to load a new page.

The popularity of such websites has increased with the growing popularity of JS frameworks, which were created just to develop such web applications. You can recall Facebook or Gmail.


Such one-page sites have several advantages.

First of all, it provides a continuous user service, without interruptions for the white screen to load a new page. Thanks to this, the attention of visitors is kept as long as possible. Besides, such sites can be developed without back-end at all.

Voice, Voice, Voice!

The future of website navigation is all about voice. However, for now, it is more about search queries.

Technologies have stepped further and by the end of the year, it is planned to create such systems that will not only understand most of the voice commands but also recognize the voices of various people, making interactions with the site as custom as possible.

In this and subsequent years, people will want to type their requests more and more rarely, especially since it has always been less convenient than pressing one button and saying what is needed.


Therefore, the possibility of voice control on modern sites (where it is needed) is almost a mandatory feature. And this trend spreads far beyond the boundaries of web resources. According to forecasts, by 2022 more than 50% of US households will have a voice assistant or full voice control over the apartment or house.

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Voice commands are a great solution for all parties. Users get more convenient service, web resource owners get information about user priorities, their behavioral factors, and so on. Add AI technologies here and you get one of the best solutions for the future.

Content Personalization

We continue to follow the path of maximum customization. This process also affects the content. Using machine learning, you can achieve maximum personalization for each individual user.

In fact, it works right now. Special ML programs evaluate what you are looking for, read, watch, where you click, and so on. This is their essence – to work while you can’t notice them.


In addition to search engines, such technologies are already being used by private companies like Airbnb, which have introduced machine learning technologies into their engine in order to select the most suitable housing option for tenants.

The very first analyzes of the use of this technology showed a 3% increase in conversion, which is already quite a good result.

The most popular example of such a solution is by far Netflix. The platform’s algorithm processes the data of each individual client, evaluating what he watched, where he clicked. As a result, search results become as personalized as possible, and the platform’s recommendation system amazes with its customization.


With the growth in the quantity and quality of new technologies, as well as with the popularization of such solutions as AR, VR, and AI, the issue of the safety of all this activity remains the most important.

Cybercrimes have long ceased to be something out of the ordinary and are already our daily routine.

That is why web resources should pay more and more attention to this issue, especially if they work with personal data of users, the leakage of which can lead to very serious consequences. You can recall the latest scandal with the hacking of Twitter accounts of famous people – Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others.

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The debates on security go on every day. Various experts advise using dispersed Content Delivery Networks for additional protection against DDoS attacks. Others, on the contrary, insist on more classical solutions like caching data and pages. OWASP TOP-10 list is a starting manual for any web resource owner as never before. But this is only the first stage, as it only covers the most basic web security threats.

Simply put, any web portal owner is obliged to devote half of his time and attention to the issue of cybersecurity, especially if he has competitors.

In Conclusion

Web technology trends are one of those phenomena that will be updated every day. Keeping an eye on the pulse is becoming more and more difficult, and therefore you have to abandon some less interesting directions, trends, and technologies, concentrating only on what can really improve the experience of the web techs.

This article has outlined 4 main points, but this is just the very tip of the iceberg. The widespread introduction of smart technology will definitely turn all these lists upside down, showing everyone the gateway to a new world where completely new laws will work. From our point of view, only the issue of security will always remain really crucial, regardless of any other conjuncture.

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