How to Enable/Disable Tab Groups in Google Chrome in Windows and Android

To see Tab Groups in Chrome, you need to update to the latest version of 81. In Windows 10 you can enable this feature, if it is not visible.

The bad side is that you cannot save these group of tabs created using the Tab Groups feature. When you close each tab in the group, then the tab group is also removed.

If you want to remove all the tabs in a group at once, then you can click the tab group icon and click on “Close group”.

This review will discuss the different features of “Tab Groups” in Chrome in Windows 10 and Android mobile.


How to Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome

An interesting feature of Tab groups is that, you can give color to each group. This will segregate all similar kind of tabs under one color.

You can see a line of the same color below the group of tabs created under one Tab group. This is visually appealing. Also it is easy to find, which tabs come under which group. You can also shuffle tabs between groups.

If you have a tab under one group, then right-click it. Select the option “Add to existing group” and select a different group. Over a time, you can make use of this feature to decide which websites come under one group.

What is the Need of Tab Groups in Chrome

For example, you can create two tab groups – 1. Tech 2. Social.

If you have opened a social media article which contains more technical content, you are in dilemma to decide which tab group. So you might place it in “Social” tab group first. But later, if you decide, to change the tab group, you can do it.

What are “Tab Groups” in Google Chrome
How to Enable “Tab Groups” in Windows 10

Open Google Chrome web browser.
In the address bar type chrome://flags/ and press enter.
Two tabs are shown – 1. Available 2. Unavailable.
Click the first tab.
In search flags, enter “tab group”.
Tab Groups” feature should be available first on the list.
Click the drop-down and make it “Enabled”.

Now this feature is available to you in Chrome. In the latest 81 version, it should be available by default. Otherwise, you can enable it using the above steps.

How do I create a Tab Group in Chrome

You can make use of existing web pages to group your tabs. Make sure you are using Chrome 81 version and “Tab Groups” feature is enabled. Just, right-click any tab and select “Add to New Group” from the context menu. You can also add to existing group. A colored circle will appear left of the tab. You can than name the group. When you click the tab group circle, different options are available – New tab in group, ungroup, close group, send feedback.

How to Save a group of tabs in Chrome

You cannot save set of browser tabs created using “Tab Groups” feature. To save all the tabs, click the hamburger icon or 3 vertical dots on the right-corner. Then Bookmarks > Bookmark all tabs. A pop-up window will open where you can create a folder in your bookmarks. You can give a name to the folder. When you click “Other bookmarks” or Book Manager, you should be able to see your saved group of tabs in a folder you created.

How to disable tab groups in Google Chrome in Android

Open Chrome app. The following experimental features might be already enabled. 1. Tab Groups 2. Tab Groups Continuation 3. Tab Groups. Type chrome://flags in a new tab. Enter “tab group” in the search box. Then disable all the above features from the drop-down. This will remove “Tab Groups” feature from Google Chrome Android version.

How to enable tab groups Google Chrome Android

Open Chrome app in Android. Type chrome://flags in the search or address box. It will open a new tab with experimental features. Type “tab group” in the search flags box. There are 3 “Tab Groups” features. 1. Tab Groups 2. Tab Groups Continuation 3. Tab Groups UI Improvements. Enable all of them from the drop-down. Now “Tab Groups” feature is enabled. The latest version of Android Chrome version is 81. This feature may automatically include in the latest version.

How to Group tabs Chrome Mobile

To enable “Tab Groups” feature in Chrome mobile, you can add several tabs to one group. If you are using Chrome 81 version, this feature is automatically enabled for you. Otherwise, you have to enable experimental features. This will enable grid layout. Now tap any tab in the layout and move to any of the other tab. This will group tabs into one group. Like that, you can add multiple tabs to one group.

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How to rename Tab Groups in Google Chrome

Click the color icon or Tab group icon in Chrome. A pop-up window will show up. The name of the Tab Group is visible in the text box. You just have to enter a new name for that group and press Enter. The renamed Tab group can be seen after it is done. Each group can be identified with a different colour. Your current color will be highlighted.

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