#GiveAway – Make a Simple Infographic with DesignCap

Infographic design is a great way when converting content from a hundred pages into a visual image, vivid, easy to understand, easy to absorb, and suitable for the majority of users.

To create an infographic, users can use Photoshop or other software. However, I will guide you in the following more straightforward way.

If you are a professional designer, you can use Photoshop to create beautiful infographic designs or use CorelDRAW for more intensive creations.

With DesignCap, you can create excellent and straightforward Infographic in a few minutes.

In this article, I will show you how to create infographics with DesignCap.

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What Is Infographic?

Infographic, also known as information graphic design, is a form of visual information, data, or knowledge.

There are more than 20 tools and websites supporting the creation of infographics.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to how to create them from the web site: https://www.designcap.com/.

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Why choose DesignCap?

– Easy to use.
– There are many templates and millions of stock images and icons..
– Upload your photo as a background
– It is web-base that you can use it continuously throughout the day, wherever needed.
– Flexible tools for a fully customizable design.
– Conveniently save and share options.

Four steps to make an infographic

To create an Infographic in DesignCap, you must have a computer and network.

Download Google Chrome or one of the remaining browsers to help you quickly access the web to create an infographic.

Step 1: Access the DesignCap website

As introduced, DesignCap is a website that allows you to create infographics online.

So we proceed to access the website first.

Then register an account. It’s optional. But I suggest creating one for a better experience.

It gives you the option to log in directly using your Google account or Facebook account.

Step 2: Choose an infographic template

DesignCap offers templates for marketing content, social media art, and different events.

Go for the Infographic category and browse the template library and choose a template you like.

After picking a template, you can go editing area to make changes.

While you want to add a new infographic, select “Custom Size” and use a blank canvas and add other elements that already in your mind to complete your thoughts.

Step 3: Create an infographic

In DesignCap, there are functions such as ELEMENT, PHOTOS, CHART, UPLOADS, TEXT, MODULES, and BACKGROUND.

Each section will achieve a different goal in design. And these tools are generally quite easy to use, depending on your creativity.

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While you want to save: Save, Share, Download, Print options are available at the top of the application.

Especially you can share them right on anywhere online with the URL. While you want to back, delete, copy-paste…you can choose the name of the toolbar to realize it.

Step 4: Export infographic

It’s time to export. DesignCap gives users several options to export the design.

You can save it as JPG, PNG, or PDF files.

Or save it as a project file under your DesignCap account and re-edit it when you log in to your account next time.

What’s more, you can print your infographic as printable material directly through the app. Or share it anywhere you want.

Final words

Above I just introduced you to how to create an infographic with DesignCap.

If you are looking to create a fast and straightforward infographic or any other photo graphics, DesignCap is an excellent choice.

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