Avoiding big loss of your computer data, back up in advance

In this day and age where all our precious data is saved on systems and drives, losing any of it due to hardware or software failures can be catastrophic.

Owning some sort of backup software (programa de backup) or a recovery tool is a necessity for everyone.

EaseUS Todo backup home is one such award-winning backup software meant to save you from the troubles of losing your important files.

This software does more than just backing up your data. From cloning your disk to transferring your system from one PC to another, EaseUS Todo Backup home has you covered.

Available Version

The software is free to use but there is a paid version with some great additional features.

Deciding which one to go for depends on your needs and requirements. We have laid out the important differences between the two options so that it is easy for you to choose.

Free Version:

The freemium version is great for users who are not ready to pay for the software upfront and want to test the waters first without shelling out any cash.

But this does not mean it is like one of those free trials usually offered by the software companies.

If your needs aren’t extensive then you will fare just fine without paying a single dime.

The free version comes with the following features:

Data Backup:

Data backup includes system, file, or partition and disk backups. You can backup whole systems to other locations as well as create copies of all sorts of files.

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And with a powerful block-level disk imaging technology you can backup whole partitions, all HD/SSD and volume.

Quick Restore:

You can restore anything you have made a backup of within seconds with EaseUS backup software. Such as when your system crashes you can restore it from backup without reinstalling anything and keep it running normally.

Paid Version:

Before you sign up and decide to go with the free version there is an option to try out the paid version for 1 month for free. Trying the 1-month trial of the paid tool is in our opinion a better option than sticking with the free version.

The paid version is the real deal with plenty more to offer.

With everything from the free version present the paid tool, there are the extra features you will have:

Scheduled Backups:

With the paid tool, you have the option to set up automatic backups. You can specify the time or the event after which you can rest while the software will do its work.


If you are low on disk space then this software can help you compress your backed-up images at different levels.

Backup Methods:

With the paid software you can decide which type of backup method you need. There is an option of full, incremental and differential backup.


Save your files from prying eyes with extra encryption options. You can encrypt your backups so that they are not easily accessible.

Email Notification:

If you keep losing track of your backups or just forget when you made the last backup then this is an important feature for you. You can set up email alerts to inform you about your backup status.

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Final Thoughts

With the increasing need to back up files (backup de arquivos) and save your important data, the EaseUS backup tool should be your goto option.

With exceptional support and an amazing freemium version this tool ticks all the right boxes. It will be a wise idea to read all the instructions on their site and try out the free trial of the paid version before you decide which option to settle with.

If you feel like you are stuck at some point and can’t get the software to work then the 24/7 support service will be more than happy to help.

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