8 Essential Windows Apps for Students

Are you searching for the best Windows Apps for Students?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. Young people studying at different educational students need to get familiar with modern technology.

The reason behind this is that the latest windows Apps for students can help them succeed in relevant courses.

No matter what device you are using, these applications can be used across all personal devices including, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and personal computers.

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Being a student, you may need to accomplish different tasks such as researching a topic, receiving tasks, sharing files, and checking your essays for any potential grammatical mistakes.

Knowing about useful apps can help you become a successful student.

Let’s check out 8 crucial Windows apps that can work wonders for your educational life.


Are you bored to death while proofreading essays or other assignments? Grammarly comes to the rescue when you need error-free text.

It saves you time and effort by highlighting all the mistakes in your essays and provides quick solutions to make corrections.

You just need to hit mouse clicks to get your assignment in the perfect written form. You can install the app from their official website, and also can add an extension for Microsoft.

The application is available in both, free and paid versions. You can select one according to your requirements. It works amazingly to remove all spelling and grammar mistakes.

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The paid version lets you fix issues like plagiarism and punctuation.


CoolReader is the best windows software for students as it liberates you from heavy course books and frequent library visits.

You can enjoy quick and easy access to novels, vocabulary, and all reference books. It allows you to download them on your tablet, PC, laptop, and even smartphone.

You will be able to read the required informative stuff anytime, anywhere.

Doesn’t it sound cool?

The application opens e-Books in epub, txt, doc, fb2, rtf, djvu, and pdf formats. It also quickly opens books from arj, rar, and zip archives.

Google Drive

Would you like to enjoy easy access to your important documents through any portable device?

Google Drive is one of the essential Windows apps that you must have on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and personal computer.

It gives you a wide range of features such as writing text, creating presentations, and making spreadsheets.

On top of that, you can access all these files anywhere from any other device. All you need is to log in to your Gmail account and that’s it.


If you want to know about the best platform on the internet with valid information, then Wikipedia is definitely on top of the list.

It is the most important app for students because they can easily get complete information about any place, person, subject or any other thing using the Wikipedia app.

Sometimes it may not be feasible for you to research and write assignments by yourself due to lack of time, you can always use write my assignments for me service to get your essays done in a flawless way.

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Certainly, Wikipedia the best source of accurate information on the World Wide Web.

Calculator X8

There are many students on the planet earth, who doesn’t like doing lengthy and boring calculations.

Sometimes using a simple calculator doesn’t help at all. Need something extra to simplify your mathematics?

Calculator X8 is one of the most authentic calculation apps, with extra added features. Download on your windows device and explore its full features yourself.


Note-taking made easier with OneNote. The app has proved its abilities to improve the learning process for students from across the globe.

Microsoft OneNote brings a wide range of amazing features that help you manage notes and gather the required information.

Download and install this windows application to collect data, multimedia content, text, and all other kinds of information.

The intuitive navigation bar helps your organize notes in a decent way. You can always jump between notes with a single click.


This is a student planner application that plays a vital role in homework management.

It organizes your homework and allows you to keep track of educational activities.

You will not forget anything important about schedules, classes, and homework.

MyHomeWork offers you a clear picture of your entire course schedule. A calendar on the app shows what’s due, and the homework section tells details about your assignments.

Wolfram Alpha

Do you always struggle to find the authenticity of facts and figures? No more fuss, Wolfram Alpha works as a computational search engine. It helps you learn something new every day.

The app has been specifically designed for students to allow them complete access to authentic information that they look for.

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Technology has revolutionized the modern education system. Things have started to become technical, and that’s why students should also seek help from the best windows apps.

They can minimize efforts and save time by choosing the right application for help during the course of study.

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