The Ideal PCs of 2020 – Suitable for Gamers and Home Users

There are a number of factors to consider when buying the ideal PC for you, but even then it can still be a fairly tiresome and dull experience.

The options are vast and the quality of machines available is high, meaning it can be incredibly confusing.

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It really does depend on how you use your PC.

Gamers, for example, want a machine that can handle the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, but also provide a good home for other games too.

Games like those available at which offers free spins to Canadian players, but also other popular creations.

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Alternatively, some users just want a machine that isn’t slow, has a poor quality screen or is overpowered for their needs.

With the best PCs packing more power than ever before, we thought we’d highlight some of the most impressive machines around in 2019. Perhaps, then, you can potentially purchase one of the best machines around.

Dell XPS Tower Special Edition

It perhaps doesn’t have the slick design and look that other PCs might have, but the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is a PC that packs one hell of a punch.

Easily one of the best PCs around at the moment, it has an RTX 2070 graphics card, a large hard drive and/or SSD and a 9th-generation Intel Core processor.

This special configuration is only available in the US, however, it can be recreated by adding similar upgrades, although there are some limitations. Overall though, the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is well worth considering.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

A PC widely regarded as being ideal for artists, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is an excellent PC which has certainly picked up from where it left off following the first model.

With its Kaby Lake mobile processor and Nvidia Pascal graphics, this beautiful machine has more power than the original and is highly impressive all round. Particularly ideal for creatives, the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 had to be on the list.

Alienware Aurora R7

When it comes to gaming on a PC, there can be some obvious differences between certain machines or software, but the Alienware Aurora R7 is capable of topping the list on all counts regardless of what it comes against.

It isn’t just one of the best gaming PCs available, but it’s also one of the better all-round computers too.

It has fast performance with its 8th-generation Intel Core processor and GTX 10-series graphics which, alongside it’s smooth looking design and affordable price, make this PC a strong proposition.

2018 HP Flagship Pro

One of the fastest machines within its price bracket, the 2018 HP Flagship Pro comes equipped with a 3.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM (which can be expanded to 32GB), and 512GB of storage.

Ideal for people who tend to use their PC for daily tasks and browsing, this machine has impressive processing power. It also comes with an abundance of port space, including a DVD slot, six USB 2.0 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, connectors for VGA, Display Port, RJ-45, and PS/2.

This solid PC shouldn’t let you down.

Lenovo Yoga A940

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A convertible all-in-one desktop that offers a touch screen you can tilt upward to act as your monitor, the Lenovo Yoga A940 is another PC which is ideal for creative types.

With its 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8700 hexa-core processor, 16GB of DDR-2666MHz RAM, dedicated AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics with 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and a 256GB Samsung PCIe M2 SSD, as well as a 1TB Seagate HDD, this is a brilliant option for desktop users who like something a tad different.

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