Simple Tips to Write an Effective Police Brutality Essay

Every student knows that college isn’t all about partying, hanging out with friends, and chatting with roomies.

They are lectures, workshops, and tons of essays all learners need to write on a daily basis that constitute an integral part of college life.

No wonder, so many students try to get through with their homework as fast as possible to spare some time to devote to more pleasant activities.

You can find more tips about writing essays by reading these articles.

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Unfortunately, as so often happens, what you try to do in a prompt and timely manner ends up lingering on for too long.

How to Write Essays about Police Brutality

The same goes for your police brutality essay you’ve been assigned recently.

Though it may seem that a police brutality paper is in no way different from any other essay, in fact, it is.

  • As with any essay whose objective is in-depth exploration and analysis of a pressing issue, your police brutality essay needs to comprehensively address the problem.
  • As a writer, you need to do your best to introduce your topic, analyze opposing arguments, and offer viable solutions to the issue discussed.
  • And it’s also of paramount importance to maintain a neutral, unbiased tone not to appear prejudiced and not to discredit yourself as a writer.


Indeed, writing a strong essay on police misconduct is a difficult task, but with our useful tips you’ll be able to get through the writing process much faster and hopefully, impress your professor with fresh ideas and strong arguments.

How to Come Up with a Topic?

If you were assigned a specific prompt, the onus is on you to pick a topic and develop it in your police brutality essay.

Though in some way choosing a topic for your paper is a matter of preference and expertise, you may consider using the following essay topics:

  1. Ethnic Minorities as the Target of Police Brutality.
  2. Police Brutality and its Effects on Society.
  3. Police Brutality in the USA and Other Countries.
  4. Police Brutality: Roots, Causes, Consequences, Solutions.
  5. Race and Sexual Orientation as Triggers of Police Brutality.
  6. Ways to Stop Police Violence.
  7. Corruption and Police Brutality.
  8. Manifestation of Abuse of Police Power during Riots, Demonstrations, Protests, and Other Forms of Civil Disobedience.

You’re not limited to the aforelisted topics, of course. You can come up with your own essay ideas or consult your instructor for a suitable topic. Sift through possible ideas and pick the one that resonates with you.

Be Sure to Familiarize Yourself with the Problem

The common mistake lots of students make when getting down to their essay is that they don’t bother to understand the problem they’re planning on discussing in their paper.

Though it may sound weird, but some young learners tend to direct their efforts towards researching the problem instead of trying to comprehend it.

How to Write Impactful Essay on Policy Brutality News

Prior to typing the first lines of your essay, be sure to familiarize yourself with the sensational instances of police misconduct, corruption, and deviance, which shocked the global community and galvanized millions of people into action.

This will help you realize that the issues you’re aiming to explore in your paper aren’t abstract and distant, and that they bear hard on every areas of your society.

Thus, you’ll be able not only to do an in-depth analysis of the existing problem, but also personally engage with your topic, which will help develop your own voice and defend your stance more effectively in your paper.

Craft an Engaging Introductory Paragraph

There’s no need to start your narrative with proverbs or aphorisms which, though, may work in the essays exploring other topics.

Instead, you may want to start off with recalling some of the most outrageous instances of abuse of police power that resulted in victims’ deaths, injuries, or humiliation.

You may consider the Rodney King, Abner Louima, or Michael Brown cases, which receive extensive media coverage and ignited mass protests.

You also can mention whether the perpetrators were given fitting punishment for their wrongdoings and draw conclusions from what has been said.

Undoubtedly, such an effective introduction will not only capture your readers’ attention but also make them want to further explore the issues raised in your essay.

Use Evidence, Rely on Credible Sources, and Address Counterarguments

It’s critical that you don’t use assumptions in your police brutality essay. It’s inacceptable merely because assumptions are not facts and therefore cannot be substantiated.

So, make sure to cite relevant evidence every time you make a claim or put forward an argument. Also, take care to address the counterarguments in your essay.

Thus, you’ll demonstrate you objectivity and establish your ethos as a researches and author.

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