Save Money and Time with Software Asset Management

Many of us in the tech industry can relate to having so many different software programs we don’t know what to do with them, or what they are actually doing in our companies.

We buy more and more software suits that the company needs, but like having so many bills on autopay that we can’t keep track of, these software start to add up and we aren’t even sure if they are being used properly.

It can be too big of a job for one guy to manually keep track of every piece of software in the company. This is where having IT Asset Management Software come in handy.

You may be asking yourself, why do I even need that? My company surely has it under control so why should I spend money on another software program to manage all of my other software?

The bottom line is that having IT Asset Management Software will reduce your costs and make sure that your business stays in compliance with the terms of agreement for your software programs.

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How to Optimize your Software Programs for your Business Environment

When you can see just how your software programs are being used, or even how they aren’t getting used, you avoid any unnecessary costs by being able to clearly see and pay for only the programs that you are using.

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In addition, by having all the terms of agreement for each software product you are using, you can avoid fines or audits by ensuring you are in compliance license regulations.

Total Network Inventory, just one of many IT Asset Management Software products available on today’s market, is available to be used with the software on either a PC using Windows or your Mac OS X devices.

There are many features of the Total Network Inventory IT Asset Management Software product that makes it stand out from the rest.

How this Software Asset Management System Works

With this program, your software is stored all in the same place and is available in a convenient viewing location. It also allows you to store all the details of your software licenses in one location.

Often software asset management systems only show the number of activations available for the license, but fail to show you the cost of the software, when you purchased it, and when it will expire.

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What are the Key TakeAways

These are all important factors that go along with the software and would allow you to trim down costs by knowing the details, dates, and when you have to purchase it again to ensure there are no lapses or not automatically paying for something you don’t need.

With only a certain number of activations available for many software licenses, it would not be prudent to roll out the software to every computer, as not everybody uses the same programs in the office.

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This program allows you to track where your software goes by marking it as either a must-have for a computer or forbidden if it is not needed. You can also merge different versions of a software program or carry out complex searches using the regular expression tool and save it to easily find later.

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