How to Increase Your Revenue via the FB Campaign

To build a proper online presence after building a website, you must have a Facebook page nowadays in 2019. People spend many hours scrolling through and will certainly see your post.

On the other hand, you can direct those followers to your website from your Facebook page and sell your products. To get more profit you need to know how to monetize your website properly.

You can also create an ad campaign on Facebook to promote your business and sell your products and Facebook offers various nifty ways to reach a specific customer group.

Here we are going to see the easiest ways to increase your revenue via a Facebook ad campaign.

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Video Advertisement

Facebook algorithm always prioritizes video contents. Now the Facebook application has a separate tab dedicated to videos (even though you can watch the videos in the main timeline). More than half of all the Facebook users watch videos on a daily basis.

All these pieces of information tell that by making a video advert there is a better chance to reach more customers.

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Carousel Advertisement

Facebook has introduced a new feature called multi-product carousel. This kind of adverts increases the chance of catching customer eyes while decreasing your cost.

We as humans are always attracted to gather more information about anything we see. That is why people tend to scroll through the products you show on the carousel advert.

A quick tip is, do not show a single product from the various perspective here. Use different slides for different products which interact with each other.

For example, if your advert is about a smartphone, add a headphone to another slide. Even if the viewer does not buy the smartphone, they might buy the less expensive headphone, or maybe both.

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Offer Discounts

Anybody will be eager to spend money if there is a discount on the product. If you are ongoing a stock clearing process you should create an advert on Facebook with the sell option added. Or you might also give potential customers a chance to try your product for the first time with a discounted price.

The way discount works is whenever someone clicks on that advert they are provided with a unique code which they can redeem in your website. Facebook also shows how many people already took the advantage, thus creating excitement and a sense of missing out of something.

Boost Posts

If you do not have anything new to share with your customers but still wants to remind them about your presence you can boost an existing post.

You should always check which was the most interesting post people liked or shared and boost it. Facebook also remind you if any post gets more attention from your followers, making your work easier.

While boosting a post you can choose if you want to share that with your previous followers or to new potential customers. Choosing one of these two is completely dependent on your strategy to gain customers, but whichever you choose, you will get more sell for sure.

Advertise Without Real Advertisement

Even if people are using Facebook without paying a penny, still they hate watching advertisements in between the posts they are interested in.

To get over this problem, make your advertisement interesting. Do not portray your products as you are trying to sell those, but include them as the most relevant to the subject.

As an example, if you are trying to sell a watch, show even if a smartphone can display the time, how your watch can be a status symbol for them. If they get hooked up eventually they will click on the link.

Brand Impact

An advertisement might be able to sell a single product, but after that, they might not look back. Give them a perspective of security and prosperity of your brand. Focus on your brand image rather than a product. That way you will create a loyal fan base.

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Just as an example, if you are selling a gaming mouse, show how impactful your products are in the gaming community. Give them the adrenaline rush they want through your advertisement.

Custom Call-To-Action

Facebook also updated the call-to-action box. Previously there was a simple message feature, but now you can add other options, depending on your needs. If you want to sell something you can add ‘Shop Now’ or if you are organizing a seminar you can add ‘book now’ button.

These will boost your potential customer base as people do not like to leave Facebook and this way they do not have to go to another website.

Targeted Adverts

Facebook has all the important information of a user, like where they live or where they are working. All of these are extremely important to target your adverts because you do not want to waste your ad showing a guitar to a baseball player.

While publishing your advert they provide you with all the categories to perfectly target customers.

Some of the categories are education level, monthly income, age, relationship status etc. Use those features to gain more revenue while spending less money.

Image Optimization

There are various information showing at once on facebook, so you need to find a way to stand out.

First of all use a simple background, probably containing a single colour, adding contrast to the main subject. Use photographic rules, like the rule of third, symmetry etc to help viewers to focus on your product.

Keep the image simple, do not go overboard adding many vibrant objects while trying to be eye-catching, as they will harden the process to concentrate on the main subject.

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I hope now you have a clear understanding of how you can engage more people to your adverts and get more revenue. Facebook is always updating their site and adding more features to gain more customers, so if you know any other way, do share it in the comment section below.

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